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The National Diamond Company of Angola (ENDIAMA EP) is a publicly owned company established in 1981.

She works with a dual nature: state and business.

In the first aspect, the company was established under Decree No. 6 / 81, by a Committee of Defence and Security Council with a fund set up 667,897,000.00 Kwanzas the time to act as the national concessionary of mining rights in domíniodos diamonds.

As a company, ENDIAMA EP has the corporate object of prospecting, reconnaissance, exploitation, processing and marketing of diamonds.

Over the last decade, ENDIAMA EP launches an organization model features a Holding possuindojá various subsidiaries and participation, social capital,
other companies.

ENDIAMA EP also extends its branches to conduct business that go beyond the diamond mining.

In the capital of Angola, Luanda, was built its headquarters at Rua Major Kanhangulo, downtown.


The building of ENDIAMA EP consists of six floors. The study, design, coordination and management of your project then was in charge of Studies and Projects of ENDIAMA EP This body also had the role to supervise the execution of works.

The building, where hundreds of professionals working today, was in charge of the Portuguese construction company, Soares da Costa.

When she decided to make the building, ENDIAMA EP had a Board of Directors comprises the following members:

1 Eng Noah Baltazar - Chairman and Managing Director,

2 of Dr. Alvaro Arnaldo Craveiro-p Administrator / Administration and Finance

3 Eng º Domingos Campos - Resident Manager.

To give it greater stability and security, since it was built on a sheet of water less than half (1 / 2) feet deep, it was decided to build the headquarters of ENDIAMA EP using conventional structure with features peculiar.

The building of ENDIAMA EP was inaugurated on June 8, 1995 by the then Prime Minister, José Carlos Marcolino Moco, whose license plate is unveiled on the right, at the main entrance of the headquarters building.

Ground floor

Checked the card inaugural visit to the ENDIAMA EP starts in the ground-floor where, in addition to offices for support services, there is a waiting room decorated with paintings on the main areas of activity of the company.


Consisting mainly of service areas of the Directorate of Geology and Mining Development, this area of ​​the building is dominated by SIDIAMA, the Information System on diamonds from Angola.

In fact, SIDIAMA works as a department that produces, for the Group ENDIAMA, geological mining all the information necessary for the granting of diamond concessions.

To this end, SIDIAMA create databases, using GIS software, computerization and updating all the information geological-mining of diamonds in Angola.

The system of information on diamonds from Angola was framed in the department of geological information from the Department of Geology and Mining Development in October 1999.

SIDIAMA Besides, the first floor houses the main hall consists of a conference room and a lobby where the ceremony is held monthly birthday, which allows interaction between professionals and company directors under the company.

In the conference room of ENDIAMA EP, called the Amphitheatre, derive essentially the Workers' General Assembly, the meeting of the Board and narrow and broader skills training.


The main attraction is the Human Resources Department, after all the man is the most important element in the diamond industry.

The Human Resources Directorate has among the various tasks, the management of the mining man, and monitoring and evaluating their performance.

This Board consists of three departments, namely the Department of Policy, Evaluation and Training, Department of Personnel Management and the Department of Social Development.

At the headquarters of ENDIAMA EP work more than four hundred employees.


Unlike the previous story, these are made up of different service agencies.

On the third floor, for example, operate at the Directorate of Finance and Accounting, Banking Area and part of the Legal Directorate, while the fourth floor is divided between the Directorates of Planning and Investment Management, Investments, Legal Affairs and Planning and Investment.


The fifth floor of the headquarters building is composed of the Offices of Information Technology, the Directorate of the President of the Board, Communication and Image.

The Office of Information Technology, the main attraction on this floor, creates policies for access to network resources of computers, such as printers, scanners, photocopiers, internet services, data sharing, and e-mail.

The Office of Information Technology is divided into two departments, namely the System Area and Development Area.


The sixth floor is known among employees, as the building of power. In fact, the directors work here that make up the Board of Directors, the highest organ of ENDIAMA EP

Indeed, work on this floor Administrators for Geology and Production, Finance, Accounting and Human Resources, Strategic Planning and Management of Investment and Equity.

This floor is also served by the reception room and the Hall of Signatures, a space from which stem all contract signatures that mark the partnership policy defined by ENDIAMA EP

Address: Major Kanhangulo, 100, Luanda-Angola
Phone number: (+ 244) 222 333018 /337276/332718
Fax: (+ 244) 337216/332718




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