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Jordan’s first and foremost integrated residential community and tourist resort. Once a promise, today a reality.

Jordan Projects for Tourism Development (JPTD), and its flagship project Tala Bay, is a classic case of man rising to meet the challenge of nature. The Gulf of Aqaba is universally recognized as a uniquely attractive holiday spot, but the expansion of active tourism activity was considered impossible because of the limitations of space and potable water, and the absence of an adequate infrastructure. Tala Bay was the answer to these challenges.

About TalaBay

Tala Bay is an over $1 billion resort community with two km. of beach front, a beach club, luxury hotels, villas and apartments Jordan needed on the Red Sea. An integrated select gated community, Tala Bay covers 2.7 million square meters and offers every refinement of the sophisticated good life. And thanks to Tala Bay’s neighbourly atmosphere, your children can have all the fun they want in complete safety, while you enjoy your holiday in peace of mind.

Tala Bay guarantees you a memorable holiday on every visit. Whether you are an adventurer who seeks excitement in water sports, or whether you prefer more easy going entertainment and leisure activities, you will certainly find what you seek on the 2 km long private sandy beach, at the Beach Club, or at the Marina Town. Then, as the sun sets and the shadows grow long, you can take your pick from a wide selection of cuisines, or simply relish the sound of silence, the voices of history, or live music that will bring you enjoyment no matter what your taste of entertainment may be. Enjoy your evening among the breath taking landscape and architecture that combine centuries-old traditions with the last word in modern design. You can also sail the calm waters of the Gulf of Aqaba to Tala Bay’s Marina, which is a fully-serviced international port. All the hotels at Tala Bay would be most happy to welcome you during your stay.


Master Plan

The American firm of “Ellerne Becket” completed the master plan of the resort in 2000.

Different parts of Tala Bay project are developed with a distinguished architectural style, which blends the local and regional architecture into a modern atmosphere. The major zones of the Master Plan are the Marina, the Marina Town that hosts residential units, hotel areas, staff housing, the utility area. Tala Bay comprises many attractions, providing its residents and visitors with a wide select ion of activities for the discerning family. Along with the residential units, the master plan for Tala Bay provides for five and four stars hotels with a capacity of 1400 rooms. 

To facilitate the operations of the hotels, the company built twelve staff housing units that will cater for all managerial requirements. Dorms can house two or four residents per room, and some buildings have executive and family apartments. These buildings were built on land owned by the company just east of the Marina Town. The buildings also serve other projects in Aqaba that need housing for their staff.

A self sufficient destination in it’s own right, Tala Bay will continue to develop into its full potential. With 10% of the current land bank developed and  successfully operated, further development is currently on the horizon and underway



List of active hotels:

Radisson Blu Tala Bay Resort

Moevenpick Resort Tala Bay

Marina Plaza 



1.      Marina Town Residences

2.      Lake Residences

3.      Garden Residences

4.      Beach Club Residences





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