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Be a leading, global company in the construction management (CM) industry.
Contribute to the development of construction culture by creating new values with trust and innovation.


Business Description

SAMOOCM is an industry leader in Korea with 40 years of experience in construction management and design. Since, its establishment in 1976, SAMOOCM has transformed itself into an expert construction management company.

Recently, it has changed its name to SAMOOCM Architects and Engineers from SAMOO Architects and Engineers. It is currently leading the future of the CM industry in Korea based on the know-how and competences that it has accumulated so far.



1976 Established as SAMOO Design Lab
1980 Acquired overseas construction license
1999 First entered into the CM business
2007 First entered into the foreign CM industry through KOICA projects
2015 Vision 2020 announced. Renamed as SAMOOCM Architects and Engineers Co. Ltd.
2016 Company’s 40th Anniversary



RED-PM (Real Estate Development Project Management) / Construction Management / Infrastructure Business / Design / DFS (Design For Safety) / High Tech / BIM (Building Information Modeling) / Sustainable Building / Green Remodeling / Redevelopment / Healthcare & Research / Global Business.

RED-PM (Real Estate Development Project Management)

SAMOOCM provides the optimal development solution through matching consulting for land owners, investors, and operators based on its domestic and foreign development project network.

Construction Management

SAMOOCM provides ‘total project solution’ to enable successful construction management consulting work for the client. The CM service aims to provide customized services to maximize client profits by optimizing project fees, terms and qualities during the life cycle of the project implementation.

SAMOOCM created an Infrastructure Business Team in order to diversify its current business lines. SAMOOCM is expanding its business portfolio into infrastructure sectors such as power & energy, urban planning, roads, railways, and ports, etc. 

High Tech
SAMOOCM ensures professional services for special areas based on project management experience and supervision of various special high-tech facilities.

SAMOOCM provides BIM services through all phases of the project, based on rich experience utilizing BIM and 4D+5D simulation techniques introduced for the first time in Korea.

Sustainable Building
SAMOOCM provides economic analysis on incentives of GSEED and energy efficiency rating certification. Also, SAMOOCM performs cost analysis on green buildings in order to provide clients with an efficient decision-making process.

Healthcare & Research
SAMOOCM possesses a leading track record in both domestic and foreign healthcare-research buildings. It offers a one-stop service from project conception to maintenance work.

Global Business
SAMOOCM is successfully performing the projects in alliance with foreign companies and various local companies to successfully deliver satisfaction for overseas clients.  



Headquarters: 69 Baekjegobun-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, 05556, South Korea
Overseas branch: Vietnam, Philippines


Competitive Advantages

SAMOOCM has introduced knowledge management (KM) in order to improve the quality of working performance through company-wide sharing of information and techniques. The knowledge management of SAMOOCM aims at creating customer value, thus providing better services for customers and accomplishing sustainable growth with them. Accordingly, all staff members are participating in knowledge management through such activities as knowledge registration, idea suggestion, Q&A (question & answer), CoP (community & practice), and e-learning, as well as proceeding with active knowledge creation.


Financial Projection

Engineering News Record (ENR) announced the rankings of architectural and engineering firms based on the revenues of various firms in 2015. SAMOOCM was ranked 14th in the world based on the 'Top 20 Global Construction Management and Program Management Fees' rated by ENR (US$106 million).


Company Goals & Objectives

  • Our dedicated professionals will put great effort into providing an integrated CM service on the basis of best quality of planning, construction, research and analysis, procurement, supervision, evaluation and post-construction management with the cooperation of the best designers, engineers and construction managers.
  • Contribute to the development of construction culture by creating new values with trust and innovation and become a global leading company in the CM/PM industry.



The company is comprised of 660 employees: 18 professionals in business strategy, 17 professionals in development & planning, 25 professionals in marketing, 78 professionals in project management, 44 professionals in the technology research institute, 17 professionals in administration service, 422 professionals in domestic and foreign on-site staff. We also have 60 architects, 254 engineers, 104 CM experts, 29 VE experts, 16 project development experts and 9 LEED APs.




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