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Business Description

Poliform is one of the leading companies in today’s international furniture world. The fruit of a resoundingly successful entrepreneurial adventure, the company has made the ongoing commitment to quality its mission, renewing its products to always interpret the highest expression of the most contemporary lifestyles and trends.

The Poliform brand is today synonymous with luxury lifestyle and excellence in quality. Poliform’s numerous lines include systems and furnishings for the whole house: bookcases, complements, wardrobes and beds. In 1996, the company added kitchens to its collection through the acquisition of the Varenna brand, in existence since 2006. In 2006 the company launched its first collection of sofas and armchairs.



Poliform was founded in 1970, as the evolution of a small artisan business established in 1942. The company’s strong industrial expression was evident from the outset: Its aim was to fully exploit the potential of engineered serial production, by dedicating constant attention to the transformations of an increasingly global market.

Over the years, the Poliform product range has maintained its hallmark tie to the contemporary world, demonstrating its profound flair for grasping the needs and tastes of a varied and international public and for anticipating and interpreting lifestyle trends.

The Poliform collection consists of systems and furniture for all areas of the home: bookcases, storage solutions, wardrobes and beds.

In 1996, the company expanded with the creation of the varenna brand, dedicated exclusively to the production of kitchens. In 2006, it presented its first range of sofas.

The start of the new millennium was marked by the establishment of Poliform Contract, to enhance the company’s expertise in the large-scale supply sector and satisfy design and functional requirements differing to those of the serial product market.

One of the fundamental elements that has allowed Poliform to grow and consolidate its position lies in its creative partnership with the countless high profile designers who have worked and continue to work with the company.



The Poliform collection is set out as a wide diversified choice and includes systems and furnishing accessories for the whole house: bookcases, complements, wardrobes, beds, kitchens, sofas and armchairs.

Poliform's comprehensive production range carries with it the design idea of a 'Poliform house' with stylistically compatible component parts; a 'global project' for each architectural situation thanks to the exceptional versatility of its modular systems.

Poliform dedicates its creative and productive resources also to the parallel and complementary activity of large residential and commercial projects. Poliform has been heavily involved in realizations of the highest standard like London's West End Quay and Café Royal, Amsterdam's Conservatorium Hotel, Tour Odeon in Montecarlo, the AOL Time Warner Center in New York, the Presidential Chambers of the Clinton Library in Little Rock, and the Palmolive Building in Chicago.

Poliform’s Vital Statistics

3 company brands: Poliform – Varenna – Poliform Contract

7 company branches

700 employees: 600 employees Poliform Italy, 100 in the world

2 partner foreign trading companies: Poliform UK, Spav S.A.R.L.

3 subsidiary foreign trading companies: Poliform USA, Projex Contract Limited, Poliform Qatar

88 countries served

750 dealers worldwide: 300 Italy, 450 foreign

75 flagship stores.







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