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The philosophy of our company is to contribute to the people in the world with our agrotechnology and sincerity. Through our commitment to this philosophy, we are determined to play a role in putting an end to the global food shortage.


Business Description

Our aim is to help find ways to increase food production as the world's population continues to increase. Since deforestation is not acceptable from the standpoint of protecting the global environment, we must increase food production by using the current finite amount of cultivated land. To accomplish this goal, we are working on the development of new technologies to enhance food production more efficiently. We are active in research and development, manufacture and sale of plant protection products and technologies.

The following three technologies are our core competences:

  1. Technologies for protecting crops from insect pests, diseases and weeds,
  2. Fertilization through drip irrigation , and
  3. Biostimulants.



OAT Agrio is a young company with long history which stretches back to the 1950s, when Otsuka Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. started manufacture and sales of agricultural chemicals. In 1984, the name of the company was changed to Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd. and one of the company`s departments was established to deal with agricultural chemicals and the fertilizer business.

In 2010 this department became independent by way of a management buyout and Otsuka AgriTechno Co., Ltd. was established. In 2012 Otsuka AgriTechno acquired Asahi Chemical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. as its 100% subsidiary. In 2013 OAT&IIL India Laboratories Private Limited was established in India based on an agreement with Insecticides (India) Limited. In 2014 the company`s name was changed to OAT Agrio Co., Ltd. and at the same year, the company was listed on the Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange. Only one and half years later, in December 2015, OAT Agrio was listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange. 

In 2016, three subsidiaries were established: PT. OAT MITOKU AGRIO in Indonesia, Runhe (Zhoushan) Plant Science Co., Ltd. in China, and OAT Agri Frontier Co., Ltd. in Japan.



Our business activities include drug discovery, biological evaluation, formulation development, pesticide registration, product manufacturing and sales. Furthermore, OAT Agrio Co., Ltd. is constantly working on reaching a wider global market in order to contribute to the increase in food production worldwide by supplying our innovative products.

Key products and technologies provided by OAT Agrio include agrochemicals, fertilizers and drip fertigation cultivation systems.

Agrochemicals, which correspond to one of our plant protection technologies, require long-term development to ensure both their safety and effectiveness. We have steadily developed and marketed products, both in and outside of Japan, including insecticides Oncol (1986), Orion (1993) and Alshine (2000); the acaricide Danisaraba (2007); and fungicide Gatten (2013).

Our fertilizer products offer particularly good fast-acting properties and absorbency. The OAT House Fertilizer Series holds a top share in the hydroponic cultivation field and is widely used by large-scale plant factories and households alike. Other highly regarded products includes OK-F Series, the Tank Mix Series, the Drip Fertigation Fertilizer Series and phosphate fertilizers.

We collaborate with associated company Drip Fertigation Research Co., Ltd., to develop and sell drip fertigation cultivation systems. These automated systems provide water and fertilizer to crops only in the necessary quantities and as needed. We have installed these systems at farms throughout Japan, where they are helping to reduce agricultural labor, lower environmental impact and increase crop qualities and yields.



OAT Agrio’s head office is located in Tokyo and its branch offices can be found in several cities through Japan: Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, Naruto, Kumamoto. The company’s factory and research center are located in Naruto, in the Tokushima prefecture of Shikoku Island.

Head office:

8th Floor, NBF Ogawa-machi Bldg.
1-3-1 Kanda Ogawa-machi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0052, Japan

Following is the list of our associated companies operating in Japan and abroad:

Asahi Chemical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

500 Takayasu, Ikaruga-chou, Ikoma-gun, Nara

  • Establishment: February 9, 1952
  • Manufacturing, sales, export/import of fertilizers and other products used in horticulture and agriculture


Drip Fertigation Research Co., Ltd.

3-4-13, Higashi Ishioka, Ishioka-shi, Ibaraki

  • Establishment: September 1, 2004
  • Sales of hydroponic cultivation systems and related products such as fertilizers

Asahi Chemical Europe s.r.o.

Luzna 591/4, 160 00 Pargue 6 – Vokovice Czech Republic

  • Establishment: February, 2010
  • Import and sales of crop protection products


OAT&IIL India Laboratories Private Limited

E-423, RIICO Industrial Area, Chopanki(Bhiwadi)-301 707 Rajasthan, India

  • Establishment: March, 2013
  • Research and development of new crop protection products


OAT Pakistan Private Limited


  • Establishment: December, 2013
  • Import and sales of crop protection products


OAT Stevia Co., Ltd.

8F NBF Ogawa-machi Bldg., 1-3-1, Kanda Ogawa-machi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

  • Establishment: October, 2014
  • Manufacturing and sales of stevia products




Jl. Taman Bendungan Asahan Ⅱ No.8; Jakarta Pusat 10210, Indonesia

  • Establishment: January, 2016
  • Manufacturing and sales of agrochemicals and fertilizers


Runhe (Zhoushan) Plant Science Co., Ltd.

Ruotiao Village, Xiushan Island, Daishan Country, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, P.R. of China

  • Establishment: May, 2016
  • Manufacturing and sales of hydroponic cultivation systems and fertilizers

OAT Agri Frontier Co., Ltd.

5-20-11 Chuo, Ushiku-shi, Ibaraki

  • Establishment: September 6, 2016
  • Manufacturing and sales of organic fertilizers


Financial Projection

As a result of the above business activites, in fiscal year 2016, net sales totaled ¥12,938 million, up 6.7% year on year; operating income was ¥1,603 million, up 44.1% year on year; ordinary income was ¥1,572 million, up 42.2% year on year; and profit attributable to the owners of the parent company was ¥942 million, up 38.9% year on year.



Representative: President CEO Akihei Mori



We have 341 employees, including 95 temporary employees. Of these, 93 are foreigners, which means foreigners represent 27% of all of our employees.

52 employees located in Japan and a further 54 abroad work in R&D, which means 31% of  ouremployees work in R&D.




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