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Founded on 18-JUN-1948



“Animal Well-being Matters”

Protecting anumals against diseases:

We are committed to serving people who seek to improve animal health.

All of us at KYOTOBIKEN work to help reduce suffering and ensure the safety of both humans and animals.



“A Safer World Originating in Kyoto”

We are committed to helping create safer societal conditions through supply of veterinary vaccines.

We constantly bear this in mind, recognizing that people in Japan and overseas have put their trust in us.


Business Description:

KYOTOBIKEN is a Japanese pioneer manufacturer of vaccines for animal, fish and plant. We deliver reliable products via our responsible and integrated operational flow of processes, from R&D through manufacturing to marketing.



KYOTOBIKEN was established in 1948 as Japan’s first private veterinary vaccine manufacturer inspired by the mission of safeguarding public hygiene during the immediate post-World War II period. At that time, infectious diseases such as rabies, classical swine fever, and Newcastle disease, were rampant, posing threats to the health of the Japanese people. Against this backdrop, the government of the day gave approval for privately owned veterinary vaccine manufacturers to operate as suppliers of preventive medicines, and they have played important roles, ever since. KYOTOBIKEN has played an active role in securing public hygiene and stable food supply through its development of various products for protecting animals against diseases at a time when Japan was facing a food crisis.



The main business of KYOTOBIKEN is R&D, manufacture, marketing, and import/export, quality assurance/control, medical affairs, as well as Animal Disease Inspection Center, of veterinary, fish, and plant vaccines, 34 products in total. In addition, we also have a manufacturing company in Vietnam.



Japan, UAE and Egypt, at this point.

Taiwan, Korea, Israel and Pakistan as well in near future, and other countries in Middle East, Asia and so on.



Manufacturing of animal health drugs, mainly vaccines for bovine, swine, poultry, fish and plant.



Headquarters & main factory: Kyoto, Japan

Overseas factory: Hanoi, VIetnam


Competitive Advantages:

As specialists in the development and manufacture of veterinary vaccines, we supply products that both meet customers’ needs and earn their trust. All departments and sections collaborate closely in the integrated flow of processes, from R&D through manufacturing to marketing, and research findings with internal functions or collaborative research ones with our partners such as academic institutions are subsequently utilized for the purpose of improving and refining our product range. Furthermore, we supply our customers with test results from the animal blood or specimen by our Animal Disease Inspection Center. As a pioneer in this field, we seek to contribute to society by promoting animal health.


Company Goals & Objectives:

Sasaeah Group, to which KYOTOBIKEN belongs, has drawn up 22 key issues (materiality) as our objective to become a real “Solution Provider for Animal Health”, in terms of “importance for society” and “association with enterprise by Sasaeah Group”, considering prospect and analysis of circumstances around the Animal Health industry in the future. Especially, we would like to showcase the most important 8 issues out of 22 ones as follows:

-Development and supply of domestic medicines and vaccines

-Innovative medicines and vaccines

-Appropriate feeding and diagnosis

-Information on medicines and vaccines

-Prolonged healthy life-span of companion animal

-Rational and efficient farming

-Rich and reasonable product portfolio building of medicines and vaccines




President and Representative Director: Dr. Yasutaka Igari
Senior Managing Director: Mr. Toru Ohnishi





Website: https://www.kyotobiken.co.jp/en/




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