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· Columns, AGRICULTURE AND DAIRY COOPERATIVE UNION LIMITED, born one June 24, 1949 in the city of La Union, today became the capital of the Province of Ranchi, in the new region of Los Ríos. Since its inception, have kept alive the motivations of her seventy founders, they decided to create it as a cooperative designed to market their milk and stock up on supplies and services. Proof of this is that in late 2008, the partners of columns numbered 759 members, which reinforces the ideals inspiring the common good and development of the area, all being part of this great project that builds up in the effort do that every day thousands of workers in the farms, in processing of milk and dairy products with advanced technology globally to reach all corners of Chile, Chilean consumers and our various clients worldwide.
• The growth in the milk reception Colún has allowed an effective becomes a hub of development in the area in which it is immersed. This increase in the amount of milk of its members is the result of a sustained process of improvement in production efficiency, the permanent incorporation of new technologies for production, improvements in product distribution and delivery of each more and better services and supplies to producers in order to facilitate the farming and dairy.

• Currently has 1,700 workers Colún from Arica to Punta Arenas, has the dairy plant largest in Chile, which produces a wide range of products, with different types of cheese, butter, fluid milk, the food, and yoghurt its major product lines. He recently ventured into markets long life nectar, and desserts such as jellies and custards refrigerated.

· Colún not only sought to boost milk production, but also contribute to the possibilities of development and progress in the area, now becoming an important source of employment both in the region, with its industrial plant personnel and central administration, as in the rest of the country through its distribution centers, sales support staff and carriers.

• In addition, the Cooperative provides various services to its members, especially, among others, agricultural technical assistance programs to both large and small producers, veterinary care and artificial insemination service, the improvement in the quality of milk by inspection system dairies and milking parlors, and the chiller installation increased farm ponds. Other support activities are important agricultural research and testing of forage, which have allowed Colún play a pioneering role in the introduction of forage maize in the Southern Zone, the regular publication of a newsletter, the existence of mechanisms to support their cooperative, and the provision, through competitions, grants of John Fischer and Erwin Koller among the children of cooperatives performing and technical college.

• In his desire for progress, the Cooperative is continually evaluating new investment opportunities and growth, both in the creation and improvement of central distribution of dairy products or marketing agency inputs, as in the industrial plant equipment, development new products, staff training or in improving production efficiency.

In southern Chile, was born and cooperative alliance between strength, milk producers and dairy Colún to market in all presentations and lead to thousands of homes in Chile and the world, all the magic of the South.
Phone number: 7208450




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