Monday, Oct 2, 2023
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Leader Database

Yasuhiro Tochimoto


President and CEO

Company Name

Kawasaki Geological Engineering Co., Ltd.


Date: 09/02/1961



I was born in 1961, 16 years after World War II, a time when postwar reconstruction had ended, and Japan was on the way to high economic growth. The area where I was born and raised in Osaka was originally a marshy area of the inner bay and had poor drainage and frequent flooding under the floor. When I was in my mid-teens, the sewage system was developed in my area which changed the environment dramatically, and I think that might make me involved in infrastructure development.

After we experienced high economic growth, the bubble economy burst, and society shifted to a low-growth period. During the period, society drastically changed such as Large-scale, wide-area, and frequent disasters, aging infrastructure, nuclear accidents, and carbon neutral declaration. In such a fluctuating society, we, geological consultants, are making daily efforts to solve geotechnical issues related to disaster response, infrastructure maintenance and management, offshore wind farm projects and geothermal power generation projects, and so on.



Studied and graduated in geology at Osaka City University, Faculty of Science, in 1983.



Joined Kawasaki Geological Engineering Co., Ltd. in 1983 and engaged in geological surveys related to civil engineering projects and disaster prevention projects mainly in western Japan.

In 2015, moved to the head office, where I engaged in company-wide technical strategy and human resource development.

Appointed President and Representative Director in 2020.


Areas of Expertise

Geological survey for civil engineering projects and disaster prevention projects


What have been the main lessons you have learned in your career and how do you implement them in your management?

Our job is to accurately evaluate complex, diverse, heterogeneous, and invisible underlying ground. This requires accurate evaluation, a high level of expertise, a sincere attitude, and the skill of explanation and communication. I believe only when a person understands the laws of nature, evaluates geotechnical issues accurately to meet the demands of society, responds to client requests clearly and persuasively, and responds with an abundance of inquisitiveness, can be called "A first-class engineer". We attach importance to a customer-first approach and free-spirited challenge to develop our human resources.



I believe that I was nurtured by many stakeholders and co-workers. I will pass on the benefits I received to future generations and continue to strive in the future.



「Management is to carry out one's lifestyle as a person of righteousness」by Kazuo Inamori