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3-3-17, kawagishikami, okaya-city, nagano-pref, Japan

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48 person  (group 400 person)


45,000,000 yen


900,000,000 yen(group 2,850,000,000 yen)

Main Clients:

Display makers, OA equipment makers, printer makers, camera/lens makers, various device/module makers, automotive parts makers, battery makers

Introduction of your company & business:

SWACOO is a converter for OA equipment, home appliances, automotive, precision equipment modules and devices, and mobile parts. We supply parts from our factories in China and Vietnam to customers around the world.

We are especially good at difficult-to-process materials and composite processing. Our processing technology and processing equipment are the result of our employees working together to meet the needs of our customers.

Specifically, it was cultivated by manufacturing inkjet printer parts, backlight parts and OCA sheets for smartphones and Tablet.


SWACOO becomes Only one company with one step ahead technique, skill, quality, customer satisfaction and We contribute to the society and realizes the happiness of the employee.


1971/Aug  head office in Nagano Japan is founded.

1973/Jan starts trading business.

1976/May starts manufacturing business.

1984/Jun The factory moves to 3-3-17, Kawagishikami, Okaya-city, Nagano-pref

1994/Jun SWACOO (H.K) Ltd begins operations as the company’s first overseas operation base.

1998/Apr Manufacturing Sector of SWACOO (H.K.) Ltd moves to Shen Zhen, China .

2001/Jun SWOCOO(Japan) gains ISO9002 certification.

2004/Apr SWACOO (Shen Zhen) Co., Ltd. is established and the factory equips clean room.

2004/Jun SWACOO(H.K.) Co. Ltd gains ISO14001 certification.

2005/Jan SWACOO (Chang Shu) Co., Ltd gains ISO9001 certification(2008).

2006/Feb SWACOO (Chang Shu) Co., Ltd gains certifications of ISO9001 in 2000 and ISO14001(2004)

2006/Oct Nagoya Office starts operation.

2011/Nov SWACOO (Chang Shu) Co.,Ltd gainsTS16949 certification.

2014/Jul The second factory starts operation in Nagano

2017/Aug SWACOO (Vietnam) Co.,Ltd is established.

2017/Dec SWACOO(Japan) Co. Ltd gains ISO13485 certification.

2020/Apr West Japan sales office established (integrated with Nagoya sales office)

2020/Dec Shenzhen 2nd factory integrated into 1st factory

Key Products or Services:

Home and office appliances

Electrical insulation, gasket, ink absorber, paper guide, toner stirring sheet, washer

Disply:OCA sheet, Antireflection sheet (AG, AR, LR)

Li-ion battery: Insulation parts, heat insulation parts, heat dissipation parts, sliding parts, insulating parts, heat dissipation parts

Devices and modules for precision instruments

Conductive tape, heat radiation sheet, radio wave absorption sheet, electromagnetic wave shield sheet

mobile device

OCA sheet, surface protection sheet, graphite sheet

Factory Equipment:

Soft press machine

Rotary press machine

Heat bending machine

Machining for film sheet

lamination machine for panel

CO2 Laser

3D dimension measuring instrument

Technology / R&D activities:

High dimensional accuracy of large parts by machining

Labor saving by robot

Development of automatic inspection equipment

Processing of difficult-to-process materials

International Operations:

SWACOO(Hong Kong) office

SWACOO(Shen Zhen) factory in China

SWACOO(Chang Shu) factory in China

SWACOO(Vietnum) factory

Business Achievements:

SWACOO will be in business for 52 years in 2023, but we were fortunate enough to receive a chance in the times.

In the 1990s, notebook PCs and color printers became popular, and we started supplying these parts in China.

In the 2000s, with the spread of mobile phones and smartphones, we acquired production capacity and quality control know-how by supplying LCD backlight parts and OCA for major companies around the world.

In the 2010s, tablets became popular, and OCA processing technology for smartphones was used to supply OCA for tablets of major companies, and the industry's name recognition improved.

From 2020 onwards, electric vehicles and autonomous driving will develop, so we are targeting in-vehicle display parts, Li-ion battery parts, and various sensor parts for marketing.