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Head office; 4057-2, Nakatsu Sakuradai, Aikawa-Machi, Aikou-Gun, Kanagawa, 243-0303, Japan

Shinx Malaysia; Lot 2 & 3, KHTP SME Park, Jalan Hi-Tech 10, Zon Industri Fasa 3, Kulim Hi-Tech Park, 09090 Kulim, Kedah Darul Aman.

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Employees: 403 (as of the end of Aplil, 2024)

Main Clients: Our main customers are metal distributors, machining shops and metal parts OEMs mainly related to semiconductor manufacturing equipment. SHINX meets their requirements for extremely high precision.

Introduction of your company & business: SHINX offers a wide range of products from Aluminum and Stainless-steel materials to the processed products by making use of proprietary production equipment and technology. Our current strength lies in always delivering a high-quality product on time.


Mission: We will keep on changing based on customer service and communication. Creating new value and benefit though the supply of the materials, thus contributing to customers and society.

Vision: Empowering manufactuing industry with our reliable products.


April, 1997 Established in Zama, Kanagawa

May, 1998  Replaced to Sagamihara, Kanagawa to increase in production capacity

September, 2000  Established second factory in Sagamihara, Kanagawa

May, 2004 Replaced to Aikawa, Kanagawa

Aplil, 2005 Launched the Website

Februaly, 2006 Certified to ISO9001(Head factory)

May, 2007 Established second factory in Aikawa, Kanagawa

August, 2011 Expansion the second factory

April, 2012 Established Kansai branch and Kansai factory in Nishiyodogawa, Osaka

March, 2015 Replaced Kansai branch to Chuoku, Osaka

September, 2015 Established third factory

May, 2019 Replaced Kansai factory to Higashinadaku, Kobe

July, 2023 Established KTN Metal Vietnam Co.,Ltd.(Co-funding with Shinsho Metals Corporation)

November, 2023 Establishd Shinx Malaysia SDN. BHD.

Key Products or Services: Cutting and milling nonferrous metal palates. We have been committed to supplying the products with “high quality”, “fast-delivery”, and “reasonable price”, even in small quantities, to Japan and overseas.

Factory Equipment: More than 110 of our original, dedicated milling machines for material processing allows us to maintain a high quality production capacity and deliver on time.

Technology / R&D activities: Quality improvement activities with our manufacturers. Our own production line and original machines improvement activities.

International Operations: Established KTN Metal Vietnam Co.,Ltd.(Co-funding with Shinsho Metals Corporation)and Shinx Malaysia SDN. BHD.

Company Goals & Objectives: Shinx aims to be a long-lasting company. Our goal is that relationships with our customers will continue forever. Even if there are changes in the economic environment, and changes in management team, it is most important that good relationship between Shinx and its customers remain unchanged. Rather than seeking to expand in size or to seek short-term profits, we aim to be a company that continues.

The growth of our employees is essential. It is necessary for all employees, including those on the management side, to grow as human beings. It is also necessary to raise the awareness of each employee in order to improve his or her human skills. We believe that our continuation will be achieved by developing each individual, maintaining an enterprising spirit, and continuing to create new "+α" that exceeds customer expectations. We aim to be a company where diverse human resources organically work together and act under a single philosophy by honestly listening to our customers' requests and with their cooperation.

We will renew our recognition of the importance of the values and ethics embodied in our philosophy and we will continue to make company-wide efforts to earn the trust of our customers as much as possible by building on these practices and never losing our innovation spirits

We will continue to solve customer issues and create new value by utilizing our diverse technologies and human resources, and achieve the top market share in our existing business areas.