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181 employees (at the time of in 2022)


324 million yen


6,260 million yen (at the time of in 2022)

Main Clients:

Automobile makeres

Introduction of your company & business:

heat treatment processing

manufacturing and maintenance of heat treat equipment

manufacturing chemical products


・To respond to the needs of the customers

・To improve employee engagement, to secure psychological safety at work  and

to ensure sound management 

・To work to solve social issues with challenging spirit while fulfilling our  responsibilities to our own stakeholders


Nov.1956  :   Founded under the name of Nihon Netsushori Kogyo K.K. in Tokyo

July. 1970 :   Opened a factory in Yamanashi, Japan

Nov. 1971:    Opened a factory in Kawasaki, Japan

Jan.  1972:    Opened a Nagoya office

Oct.  1977:    Changed the company name to Parker Netsushori Kogyo K.K

Oct.  1978 :   Opened a factory in Higashimatsuyama

Mar. 1983:    Opened Technical R&D office in Kawasaki, Japan

July. 1987 :   Founded Hanil Metal Industry Co., Ltd. in South Korea

July. 2006 :   Changed the company name to Parker Netsushori Kogyo Co., LTD

Aug: 2013 :   Foudeded Zhenjiang Parker Thermo Technology Co., Ltd. in China

Jan. 2015  :  Relocated the head office to PARKER Bldg. Ⅱ(2-16-8, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

Nov. 2016 :  60 th anniversary of the establishment of the company

Key Products or Services:

・Gas Nitriding by NITRONAVI ™

・Vacuum carborizing furnace

・Chemical products (such as salt for heat treatment)

Factory Equipment:

・Yamanachi factory for manufacturing chemical products

・Higashi Matsuyama heat treatment factory

・Higashi Kawasaki plating factory

・Kawasaki factory for assembling heat treatment furnaces

Technology / R&D activities:

nitrogen control system

・cloud based remote monitoring system

・recycled salt for waste reduction

・vacuum heat treatment furnace

International Operations:








Business Achievements:

We have been working  closely with Japanese big automobile companies for decades. We have successfully earned great trust and credibility from them.


We were awarded “Regional Best Performance Award” by our customer, who is one of the biggest Japanese automobile parts makers.

Company Goals & Objectives

to cultivate existing businesses and to develop new businesses

to generate social benefits through  ESG management and to maximize our profits

to deepen engagement in domestic business and to expand business globally