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Contribute significantly to society by using our advanced expertise to make a human society coexisting with nature or a safe and secure human society 


Business Description

In the various business fields in which our clients are involved, we identify geological and geotechnical issues, study solutions, and provide precise geotechnical consulting services with advanced expertise and experienced engineers.



Kawasaki Geological Engineering was founded in 1943 as a manufacturer of boring machines called Kawasaki Shisuiki Seisakujyo L.P. After the war, by postwar reconstruction and social development, the company changed its business from the manufacture of boring machines to borehole surveys and overall geological surveys including geophysical exploration and laboratory testing. According to these changes, the company name was changed to Kawasaki Boring Co, Ltd. in 1951 and Kawasaki Geological Engineering Co, Ltd. in 1970. Japanese society is currently in a low growth period after high economic growth during which infrastructure development was actively conducted. In addition, natural disasters are becoming larger, more widespread, and more frequent because of the active phase of active faults and global warming. Therefore, urgent countermeasures for aging infrastructure and deployment of renewable energy are required. As a pioneer in geological surveying with nearly 80 years of expertise, we provide services to solve various geotechnical issues.



Geological survey (onshore, offshore, various tests)

Marine exploration (sonic prospecting)

Geophysical surveys (radar survey)

Geotechnical analysis (ground and groundwater)

Design (embankment, slope)


Factory Equipment

Geolab (inhouse laboratory)



Our main market is in Japan, but at the request of our clients, we are also available to work worldwide. Our experiences include Egypt, Turkey, Vietnam, Mongolia, India, and Palau.



Headquarters: 2-11-15 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan


Competitive Advantages

With various specialists, technologies, and equipment, regardless of the ground, underground, in rivers, or the ocean, we have made achievements in many fields, including civil engineering and construction, disaster prevention and mitigation, ocean engineering, and resources and energy, and maintenance. KGE is an "Earth doctor" that diagnoses the earth, just like a doctor for people, with the utmost care for our clients, and we receive great trust from our clients.