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5-1, Shibaura 2-Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-8532, Japan

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847 of which 703 are full-time employees (as of March 31, 2023)


¥1,197.9 million


¥53.5 billion (FY2022)

Main Clients:

Major domestic pharmaceutical wholesalers, medical institutions nationwide, etc.

Introduction of your company & business:

Since its foundation in 1920, ASKA has concentrated its management resources in three core areas of internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, and urology, based on its corporate philosophy: "Contribute toward the improvement of people's health and progress in medicine through the development of innovative products."

As a leading company in the obstetrics and gynecology field, ASKA is committed to contributing to the resolution of women's health issues through its business activities.


“Contribute toward the improvement of people’s health and progress in medicine through the development of innovative products”

ASKA will solidify our position as a competitive specialty pharma company and contribute to people's health in the entire healthcare market, including disease awareness, prevention, testing, diagnosis, and prognosis, to meet the changing needs of society, while building on our contribution through pharmaceutical products.


June 1920: Established Teikoku Hormone Research Institute by Founder Yasohachi Yamaguchi

June 1929: Reorganized as a corporation, Teikoku Hormone Mfg. Research Laboratory Co., Ltd.

January 1936: Constructed Takatsu Factory (Kawasaki Research Center) in Kawasaki-shi (former Tachibana-gun), Kanagawa

October 1945: Changed company name to Teikoku Hormone Mfg. Co., Ltd.

January 1952: Appointed Eiichi Yamaguchi as President

September 1955: Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)

April 1980: Constructed Iwaki Factory in Fukushima

June 1991: Appointed Takashi Yamaguchi as President

September 2001: Constructed and moved Head Office building in Shibaura, Minato-ku

October 2005: Merged with Teikoku Hormone and Grelan, changed company name as ASKA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

April 2020: Relocated Kawasaki Research Center to Shonan Health Innovation Park Initiated as Shonan Research Center

June 2020: 100th anniversary

April 2021: Established ASKA Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd. (TSE:4886)

April 2021: Established London Office in England as our international representative office

June 2021: Appointed Sohta Yamaguchi as President

Key Products or Services:

ASKA concentrates its product development in three core areas of pharmaceuticals, particularly hormone preparations.

Internal medicine

RIFXIMA (rifaximin) : Hepatic encephalopathy agent

THYRADIN (levothyroxine) : Hypothyroidism agent

CANDESARTAN “ASKA” (candesartan) : Antihypertensive agent

Obstetrics and Gynecology

RELUMINA (relugolix) : Uterine fibroids and endometriosis agent

DroEthi “ASKA” (drospirenone/ethinylestradiol) : Dysmenorrhea agent

FREWELL “ASKA” (norethisterone/ethinylestradiol) : Dysmenorrhea agent

LUTEUM (progesterone) : Infertility agent

NORLEVO (levonorgestrel) : Emergency contraceptive


LEUPRORELIN “ASKA” (leuprorelin) : Endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and prostate cancer agent

Factory Equipment:

Dedicated facilities and equipment for manufacturing pharmaceuticals are regularly inspected and approved by the Japanese authorities (PMDA).

Technology / R&D activities:

R&D activities

LF111 (drospirenone) : Contraception

(Option agreement) : PMS/PMDD drugs

AKP-022 (Relugolix combination tablet) : Uterine fibroids

TRM-270 (adhesion barrier) : Gastroenterology and Ob/Gyn

L-105 (rifaximin) : Hepatic encephalopathy (pediatric)

AKP-009 (ludaterone acetate) : Benign prostatic hyperplasia

AKP-017 (transnasal testosterone) : Urology

AKP-021 (mPGES-1 inhibitor agent) : Urology

International Operations:

ASKA is working to develop our overseas business, particularly in Southeast Asia, a region where economic development is continuing.

In addition, we have established an international office in London as a base for our business development activities in Europe. We are strengthening alliances with existing partners and accelerating new alliances with overseas pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and academic institutions.

Business Achievements:

Since our founding in 1920 as a pioneer in hormone preparations, we have unerringly continued on our journey, while always keeping in mind our essential mission as a company that is directly linked to life and health. In 2021, we transitioned to a holding company structure, and took a new step toward the next 100 years. We will continue to respond to the changing times and environment, and contribute to society as we evolve into a total healthcare company.

ASKA Pharmaceutical—a Focus on Women’s Healthcare

Leading company in the obstetrics and gynecology field

(No. 1 domestic market share)  * Company estimates

Leading company in the thyroid field  (95% product share)

Uterine Fibroids and Endometriosis Agents (FY2023 Net Sales Forecast): ¥10.0 billion


ASKA Pharmaceutical Holdings Group is actively promoting initiatives for the development of a sustainable society, and has been recognized by various external organizations.

Recognized as a White 500 enterprise under the 2024 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program

Selected as one of the top 500 enterprises for Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations and recognized as a White 500 company under the 2024 Certified Health & Productivity Management Organizations Recognition Program.

Received Healthy Company Declaration Gold Certificate

The Healthy Company Declaration is an initiative to have 10,000 companies or more (30,000 at present) pledge that they are declaring their engagement in promoting health. The initiative is carried out with the support of insurers such as the Japan Health Insurance Association, under the Healthy Cities and Workplace Health Promotion Declaration 2020 of the Nippon Kenko Kaigi. In December 2019, the Company received the "Silver Certificate" as an Excellent Healthy Company, and in September 2021, the Company received the "Gold Certificate" as an Excellent Healthy Company.

Kurumin Certification

Based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare certifies companies that have formulated an action plan for general employers and meet certain standards as companies that support child rearing.

We received the Certification in February 2022.

Top Hundred Telework Pioneers Certification

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has been recognizing enterprises and organizations advancing the introduction and utilization of teleworking as Telework Pioneers and selecting and announcing companies with sufficient achievements as the top hundred telework pioneers since FY2015. We are selected in November 2021.

Nikkei Smart Work Management Survey

The Nikkei Smart Work Management Survey has been organized by Nikkei, Inc. since 2017. The survey targets all listed companies and leading non-listed companies in Japan. It defines “smart work management” as efforts to maximize organizational performance through the three elements. Based on the survey results, we have received a rating of three out of five stars.

The Nikkei SDGs Management Survey 2023

The survey recognizes companies that contributed toward solving social, economic, and environmental issues through their businesses and enhance their corporate values by linking SDGs to their management efforts. Based on the survey results, we have received a rating of three out of five stars.

Won the “Most Liked!” IR Award of the 2023 IR Award winners

The “Most Liked!” IR Award was newly created in 2020, with the aim of reflecting the viewpoints of companies that applied for the IR Award based on their voting, sharing their proactive IR experiences, and realizing best practices. The theme for 2023 is “Initiatives for Human Resource Development and Power Up in the IR Department.” As a result of a mutual vote, a total of 21 companies were selected and received the awards.

Company Goals & Objectives:

“Creating new value as a leading company in female healthcare”

As women enter the workforce and their lifestyles change, we feel that now more than ever there is a need to address women’s specific health issues.

As a leading company in female healthcare that responds to various needs, we will create innovative new drugs by accelerating open innovation through collaboration between industry, government, and academia in Japan and overseas.We will continue making efforts to raise awareness in various ways such as using the knowledge we have cultivated over the years to disseminate information. In doing so, we will create opportunities for women to make choices that lead to healthy and fulfilling lives.While strengthening the core of our pharmaceutical business with a focus on new drugs, we aim to go beyond solely providing pharmaceuticals. We will take an integrated approach covering prevention, testing, diagnostics, treatment, and prognosis to become a total healthcare company while transforming into a competitive specialty pharma company.