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Islamica 500: 2nd Edition

Who’s who in the Islamic economy

2 years ago

The launch of the second edition of the Islamica 500 guide will take place in Dubai on October 10, 2016
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In collaboration with its premium partners, emerging markets advisor ISFIN is launching the second edition of its extensive Islamica 500 guide to the world’s most prominent and influential personalities pioneering the Islamic economy and halal industry.

The Islamica 500 by ISFIN is a unique reference guide that includes hard-to-find biographies and contact details of 500 talented individuals in the Islamic economy. Its second edition will be launched during a private event that will gather the crème-de-la-crème of both conventional and halal economic worlds. The publication will be available at islamica500.com, and will also be distributed in hard copy format at the launch.

Building on the success of the Islamica 500 first edition, the editorial team has been working alongside the selection jury to improve the data provided in the guide. The upcoming second edition will include new features such as a sectorial approach, exclusive market analysis and data provided by its knowledgeable partners. Various sectors, different companies, high competition, different regions, new insights and ideas, emerging key players... all compiled into one resource.

The book recognizes consistent quality performance and efforts by individuals in a mix of sectors and countries, and provides great visibility to showcase their achievements.

The launch of the second edition will take place at the Hilton Jumeirah in Dubai on October 10, 2016, at 6:00 pm.

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For more details, contact Zineb Bensaid at zb@isfin.net 



ISFIN is the world’s leading advisory for information on emerging markets. It offers a global solution for companies doing business to/from emerging markets, particularly in the Muslim world.

Founded in 2011, ISFIN – which originally stood for Islamic Finance Lawyers – is the premier worldwide advisory vehicle specializing in Islamic investments in the West, and Western investments in Muslim countries.  Totally independent and multidisciplinary, ISFIN includes high-quality partners from the legal world, A&A, and other sectors in 75 countries.

ISFIN comprises a multitude projects, among them being Investiah – a deal room where it matches investors and investment projects (both conventional and Shariah-compliant).

ISFIN is a marketing powerhouse and through its Islamica 500 project, lobbying activities and active networking, it allows firms to gain contact with a tantalizing mixture of the world’s most prominent leaders in industry and other professionals.

The idea partner for emerging projects, ISFIN provides experts in business development, marketing, finance, legal, tax, audit & accounting, public affairs & forensics, halal industry and Shariah compliance.

For more information about ISFIN, visit isfin.net




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