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Interior design focused on eco-friendly luxury

5 years ago

Front Gate specializes in creating perfect living and working environments
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Front Gate combines Mongolian flare with modern style to create world-class environments.

Mongolia is a country with a rich and traditional past but with the country’s growing economy there is also a need to focus on the future. With multinational companies setting up shop in the Asian nation, Mongolia is making big strides forward in getting its infrastructure up to scratch to help continue its growth.

One example is Front Gate, an eco-friendly interior design and construction company that helps create the perfect working and living conditions using modern yet still eco-conscious materials and standards. The company, which is “executing best quality projects and luxury building projects in Mongolia and beyond”, has clients including Pepsi, Standard Chartered Bank and World Bank in its portfolio.

The growth of the company, as a result of Mongolia’s improving economy, has been helped by the political changes that have helped attract fresh business and opportunities in the real estate sector. “It is changing very rapidly,” says Ms. A Tsengelmaa, founder and Director of Front Gate. “A new government was formed when the country became a democratic country. During socialist times, I was a child. Business at that time and business now are totally different. The country has prepared itself for development and in the last five years, the government, private and public sector have seen lots of growth.”

International partners are also being sought given changes to the law, which Ms. Tsengelmaa says will see foreign companies take a bigger interest in the country. Mongolian employees and engineers are more valued than ever and they help make Front Gate an attractive proposition in the world of interior design. “Mongolia is a developing country and we are open to any partnership and collaboration,” adds Ms. Tsengelmaa. “In such a rapidly progressing environment, Mongolian employees and engineers are becoming more valued, like international experts.”




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