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7 years ago

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Goiás is Brazil’s second pharmaceutical hub, with more than 80 companies generating over 6,000 jobs

Brazil is the world’s 10th largest market for pharmaceuticals and drugs, with a market worth R$28 billion a year, according to Brazil’s Ministry of Health. Goiás, strategically positioned in the middle of the country, is the nation’s second pharmaceutical center; this hub is concentrated in the Agro Industrial District of Anápolis (DAIA), located in the city of Anápolis, Goiás, at the center of the North-South Railway – an ideal location for effective distribution.

While the State of Goiás offers competitive business advantages that are attracting foreign direct investment, there are more national than international companies in Brazil’s pharmaceutical sector. However, the international players have three times the turnover of their national counterparts. By the end of October 2011, the state had received R$10 billion in investments solely from private initiatives. According to the Pharmaceutical Industry Union of Goiás (Sindifargo), the industry alone received R$500 million in foreign direct investment this year. Governor Marconi Perillo emphasizes the amount invested toward the consolidation of Goiás as Brazil’s second pharmaceutical hub is because it is a competitive industry in the domestic market.

Brazilian companies lead the domestic market in sales and invest heavily in research, backed by the power of generic drugs – Goiás is the second-largest generic medicine producer in the country.

Hypermarcas, one of Brazil’s biggest consumer goods groups, which entered the pharmaceutical industry in 2007, has become a serious competitor to foreign multinational companies operating in Brazil. It works with national and foreign capital, but all investments take place in Brazil. Its strategy of acquisition and expansion in the State of Goiás is expected to take center stage, with an annual production capacity of 50 billion tablets. The company will create the largest pharmaceutical complex in Latin America, concentrating over 80% of its operations in Goiás.




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