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ENMTP, helping to build a new Algeria

7 years ago

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Created in January 1983, the National Enterprise for Public Works Materials (ENMTP) manufactures a range of heavy equipment vital for a country in transition

As Algeria develops its infrastructure, housing and industry, ENMTP’s collection of specialist public works machinery and vehicles is helping to reshape the nation. The comprehensive selection of machinery produced by the company includes excavators, hydraulic cranes, loaders, bulldozers, compactors, compressors and concrete mixers. 

ENMTP manages a sizeable workforce of 2,230 people and last year generated a turnover of £67.5 million. The company is on track to see these figures rise to a £70.7-million turnover and a 2,300-strong industrial team by the end of 2012.

The Constantine-based company has a total of six manufacturing subsidiaries, four of which – SOMATEL, SOFAME, SOFARE and SOFACO – are in the industrial area of Ain Smara. It also has FAFECO producing cranes and compactors in the port city of Bejaia, and SOMABE, which focuses on concrete materials in the capital Algiers.

Managing the company’s industrial activities is its subsidiary EGEZIA in Ain Smara, where it also has a maintenance and renovation unit as well as a central spare parts depot.
ENMTP’s four main sales offices are located in Algiers, Oran, Annaba and Constantine. In addition, it has a network of authorised sales agents across the whole national territory.

A restructuring strategy at ENMTP has led it to striking up partnerships with both Algerian and foreign operators, enabling the company to boost its technological know-how, develop competitive and up-to-the-minute products and expand its distribution channels, most notably abroad.

ENMTP has set up joint ventures with some of the most renowned companies in the world. It produces excavators and hydraulic cranes in partnership with Germany’s Liebherr, as well as compressors with Ingersoll Rand of the USA.

The alliances have helped see some new products roll off the company’s production line, including an L566-type loader, done in collaboration with Liebherr and proven to be particularly useful in mines and quarries, and a new 12-ton compactor that was developed in partnership with Europactor of Spain.

ENMTP also subcontracts to Algerian companies in fields such as machining, metallic construction and thermal treatment, adding another layer to its contribution to rebuilding the nation’s industrial landscape.




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