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Stay for a day, a month or a year

7 years ago

Plaza Suites mexico city has 29 well-appointed suites that have one, two or three bedrooms, a full bathroom per bedroom, a living room,
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Located on Paseo de la Reforma, one of Mexico City's best addresses, Plaza Suites offers guests a modern, comfortable and safe place to stay for as long as they require

As an enormously important destination in terms of politics, finance, economy, education and tourism, Mexico City receives some 12 million visitors a year. Although the city’s accommodations have traditionally been able to meet the demand, there was one gap that Jaime Levy, hotelier, identified and soon filled: that of a high-end hotel capable of catering to both short and long-term guests.

The result is the beautiful Plaza Suites Mexico City, a spectacular glass high-rise in the up-and-coming Paseo de la Reforma, one of the capital’s most important tourist, commercial, artistic and financial avenues.

“We built a project where people who come for several months or just a couple of days can feel comfortable,” explains Mr. Levy, Director General. “I think we achieved a balanced product where someone can stay just one night or six months in the same room, and that’s not easy. This product is for short, medium and long stays, and the guest won’t feel intimidated by the room.”

Plaza Suites’ 29 suites boast one, two or three bedrooms, a full bathroom per bedroom, a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, and an iPod dock. A large swimming pool, a spa and a gym afford guests additional areas to relax and exercise, while the hotel’s business center boasts all the facilities one would expect in a first-rate building.

The concept behind the hotel is quite simply all about comfort and convenience. For example, each guest is provided with an iPad in his or her suite that serves as a kind of electric concierge. “It tells you where you can eat, what taxis you can take, how to tip, what museums to visit, etc.,” explains Mr. Levy. “It helps you feel more comfortable around Mexico City.”

He places great importance on guests’ satisfaction and admits to reading their comments on a daily basis. He can rest assured that all his hard work has not been in vain, as the guest comments usually call Plaza Suites a “home away from home” with “the highest level of personalized service”.

“We have a very high level of guest satisfaction. For what you pay at this hotel, you really get the best of the best,” says the DG.

Plaza Suites sees guests from all over: 40% hail from Mexico, another 40% from the U.S. and the remaining 20% from the rest of the world. And although the hotel is ideal for corporate stays (80% of guests are business travelers), its amenities and services also draw a good share of tourists. Moreover, Plaza Suites is one of a select few hotels authorized to host embassy guests, thanks to its three-tiered security system.

“The fact that we have this authorization adds to our renown,” claims Mr. Levy.

Before opening Plaza Suites Mexico City, Mr. Levy had managed and partnered in other hotels and travel companies. His experience opened his eyes to a different kind of gap in the industry: the lack of consulting services for small tourism businesses. This led him to create yet another venture, JL Consulting.

Mr. Levy recalls: “I realized that the tourist sector needed a company that could help small hotels and boutique hotels – in their back office, administration and operation departments – to become more professional.

“There are a lot of issues that arise in small hotels that require the help of a consultant, yet it was virtually impossible for them to pay these kinds of companies as they serve large hotels. We help them to improve on budgets that won’t cost them an arm and a leg.”




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