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A helping hand for local talent

6 years ago

Talented entrepreneurs, high growth companies, at the confluence of latin america and the US. Austral Capital
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Austral Capital Partners, a technology and life sciences-oriented venture capital firm based in Santiago, Chile, focuses on identifying globally scalable, high-growth entrepreneurs and technologies in Latin America

Austral’s philosophy is based on the belief that the best entrepreneurs think big and can identify unique market opportunities where others do not see them. Maximising these opportunities requires not only capital, but a strong network, advice and solid business strategies. Austral catalyzes the success of its portfolio companies as an active board member, helping to drive strategy, build teams and provide access to key resources.

The company’s values are based on the belief that people and their ideas can transform businesses, industries and markets, and that Austral’s role is to fund, support, empower and connect businesses so that they are able to grow and develop fully.

Austral’s entrepreneurs have access to an extensive international contact network that includes other successful businessmen, investors, potential partners, innovators, regulators and opinion makers. The company develops initiatives such as boot camps, workshops, seminars and roundtables that bring entrepreneurs together, helping make valuable connections.

Austral seeks out entrepreneurs with leadership capacity, passionate commitment to their business, and a willingness to listen to counseling and support. Ultimately Austral values the ability to execute — and is willing to work extensively with new entrepreneurs to help build teams and nurture talent to assure world class results. Products and services need to be highly scalable, innovative and capable of shaping new markets and industries. Austral pursues markets with high growth potential, investing in industries such as technology and life sciences where Latin America shows significant competitive advantage.

The Austral Network

Once a year, The Austral Network™ meets in Patagonia to exchange ideas about innovation, and discuss business ventures between Latin America and United States, providing a network of contacts and support infrastructure for portfolio companies. Activities include monthly invitation-only meetings sponsored by Austral Capital where innovators, entrepreneurs and business leaders discuss trends, technologies and business opportunities.

Also, four times a year, leading entrepreneurs, academics, scientists and inventors from Silicon Valley are invited to discuss cutting-edge technologies and recent innovations in the world of business. Each meeting focuses on a particular industry and brings together leaders and entrepreneurs from various sectors.




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