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A tradition of advancing investment

8 years ago

Ernesto Fajardo Pinto, President of Inversiones Mundial
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Since 1921 Inversiones Mundial (IM) has actively participated in wholesale commerce – bringing commercial and industrial development to all corners of Colombia, expanding operations to a global

With client focus as a starting point, IM commits to permanent revision of human talent, importance of procedure, and generation of spaces for development. “You don’t develop for growth unless you also grow for production,” states Ernesto Fajardo Pinto, president of IM.

Operating 34 companies in 11 countries, exporting to 17 nations, and delivering to 700 municipalities in Colombia, IM leads its field and cultivates activities in the chemicals, paints, commerce, dyes, containers, tubing, logistical and service sectors. The firm registers annual sales of $1-2 billion, with a labor force of 5,000 people and a presence in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Central America, the Caribbean and most recently, Brazil.

Under the guidance of Mr. Fajardo, IM is a conjunction of companies with international character. Leaders in the Latin American marketplace, they “turn up the volume of action every day with emphasis on the strength of operations and the search for new commerce”.

Economists and journalists alike turn to Mr. Fajardo for projections of social and industrial market trends, perhaps because of IM’s significant devotion of 15-20% of business towards new investments and international negotiations.

Quality is Mr. Fajardo’s leading factor. He aims to participate in every market sector, present solutions according to each need, aggressively target innovation, and market reengineering.

“Our history,” he says, “derives from innovation and the creative capacity to invent a business.” There are four strategic units: commerce based on the branding and distribution of imports; paints, for which IM ranks first in Colombia and second in Ecuador and Venezuela; chemical resins and tubing; and water services and treatment.

IM will build 10 model houses this year and Mr. Fajardo is currently working with engineers from Brazil, Spain and Denmark to develop materials from eco-friendly polyester resins. “We are focusing on producing less expensive infrastructure to support local and national governments in the construction of more sustainable cities through time,” he says.




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