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Embodying the think-outside-the-box approach to product development

1 year ago

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“Honda Motors’ products are very unique and distinctive,” says Noboru Takahashi. Looking back to a time when electronic devices were becoming increasingly prominent fixtures of the automobile, the Honda Lock president recalls how Honda, unlike other companies, looked to reduce consumption instead of increasing battery size. “This is something unique to Honda Motors, as was applying weight reduction instead of installing bigger engines for more horsepower,” he adds.

As a company 100% owned by Honda Motors, Honda Lock – which specializes in the manufacturing of components such as side and rear-view mirrors, smart entry systems, door handles, start/stop switches, immobilizer systems and steering wheel lock switches for both four- and two-wheeled vehicles – also embodies this unique think-outside-the-box approach to innovation and product development.

This approach has enabled Honda Lock to become a recognised Japanese leader in safety and security – a company that, since its establishment in 1962, has pursued ever-higher standards of quality and reliability to offer its customers best-in-class solutions. Aside from Honda, Honda Lock also supplies safety and security components to Isuzu, Suzuki and Kubota, among others, and today has manufacturing bases in seven countries outside Japan.

Now, as the automobile industry undergoes a major shift with the emergence of electronic vehicles and new technologies like IoT and AI, Honda Lock has laid down its 2030 Vision plan that will ensure the company’s survival amid the rapidly changing market landscape.

“Our 2030 Vision is to ‘Establish the New Honda Lock Brand through Innovation’,” Mr. Takahashi explains. “To carry it out, the following three items are key: highly efficient production, strategic technology development, and human resources; in other words - Production, Technology and People. To me, the most important thing is that our associates can clearly imagine the world after we accomplish this vision.” 




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