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Investment success

8 years ago

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Filminera and CGA Mining Ltd. attribute their mining achievement to their investment in the community

CGA Mining Limited together with Filminera Resources Corporation is operating the Masbate Gold Project, the largest operating gold project in the Philippines. The operational success of the project is attributed to its dedication to CSR, becoming an investment success story others should follow.

“We are focused on health, livelihood, and education in the communities where we operate,” says Cris G. Acosta, president of Filminera.

“What is good about Filminera is that though still a work-in-progress, it has already shown that you can have a world-class mining project in the Philippines,” he adds.

President Benigno Aquino has been supportive of the mining sector and Mr. Acosta stresses that the government has to ensure continuing support of current investors while encouraging new ones.

“We have not had much new mining activity, so we need technology and investments right now,” he says. “I think there are lots of opportunities here. If CGA Mining Limited was able to do it, then other foreign companies and investors can as well.”

With a forecasted $13.5 billion coming in, the mining sector in the Philippines is growing. Filminera is taking measures to include the surrounding communities in the growing process. “Before we do any social project, we make sure that the community owns the project and that it wants the project to take place. We do not want to impose any project on the community.”

Mining creates a lot of infrastructure, which benefits the community as Filminera aims to improve its surroundings while expanding its reach. “One of our objectives has always been to ensure that we protect the environment and the safety of the people in the communities we work in, and that we also share whatever profits or benefits we have with the community around us.”




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