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Ryusei Kajiyama


Biken Techno Corporation


Born and raised in Toyonaka, Osaka, Ryusei Kajiyama enrolled in Nihon University at the College of Humanities and Sciences. After graduating in 1991, he worked as a banker for four years at Sanwa Bank (currently Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ), and later joined his family’s business Biken Techno in 1995, becoming its president in 2010.


1991 Graduated from the College of Humanities and Sciences – Nihon University

1997 Enrolled in Seiwa Jyuku (Principal: Dr Kazuo Inamori, founder of Kyocera Corporation)

2006 Representative of Sewaninkai (until 2009)

2008 Fighting-spirit award – 16th national competition of managing experience at Seiwa Juku



1993 Joined Sanwa Bank (currently Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ)

1995 Joined Biken Techno – Head of Planning Department, Executive Director

1997 Vice-president

2010 President


Ryusei Kajiyama’s turning point in life was at university, when he aimed to become the top player for Nihon University Phoenix, an American football team that is very famous in the Japanese sports industry. Due to competition from 130 people, Nihon University Phoenix did not allow practice opportunities for first years. But through strenuous efforts he soon stood out in the team. His first position was the wide receiver; he seized his opportunity when he filled in as a substitute for his injured teammate at the Koshien Bowl in front of 37,000 people. Regardless of his injuries, he contributed to making Phoenix the Nº1 American football team in Japan. He received an award as a leading receiver and the MVP for Chuck Mills award.

The experience helped Mr Kajiyama build his philosophy of life: everything starts with challenging yourself, to concentrate on one thing and shake off all disturbances. As a consequence, you are able to surpass common sense and make your goals come true, and that is how you truly enjoy your work and personal life.

The environment and facilities can be obtained through investment, but the human resource with indomitable spirit is the true treasure of a company. 


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