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Keiichi Asai

President and CEO

KH Neochem Co., Ltd.


CEO and president of KH Neochem Co., Ltd., a fine chemical manufacturer in Japan.

After Mitsubishi Corporation, I joined KH Neochem in June 2014 to become a board director in July and the president in September. In 2016, two years since I joined KH Neochem, the company was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


Bachelor of Economics, The University of Tokyo



September 2014
Present KH Neochem Co., Ltd.
President and CEO

July 2014-August 2014
Director, Member of the Board
(Concurrently) Executive Officer 

June 2014-July 2014

April 1978-June 2014
Mitsubishi Corporation

April 2014-June 2014
Corporate advisor

April 2013-March 2014
Senior Vice President (Concurrently)
Lithium Energy Japan., Ltd.
Executive Vice President

April 2012-March 2013
Senior Vice President, General Manager, Global Environmental & Infrastructure Business Group CEO Office

April 2010-March 2013
Senior Vice President, Division COO, Environmental & Water Business Division, Global Environmental Business Group

April 2009-March 2010
Senior Vice President, General Manager, Energy Business Group CEO Office

April 2008-March 2009
General Manager, Energy Business Group Energy Business Group CEO Office

April 2005-March 2008
General Manager, Overseas Petroleum Business Unit, Petroleum Business Division

April 1995-January 1998
General Manager, Energy Division, Mitsubishi Corporation India(Mumbai)

September 1988-January 1994
General Manager, Petro Diamond Inc (NYC)

April 1978
Joined Mitsubishi Corporation


Areas of Expertise

I was working for Mitsubishi Corporation for 36 years and was mainly engaged in its energy business. That has given me a worldwide network and expertise in natural gas, petroleum, and alternative energy resources. My expertise extends to the environment-related business, e.g. lithium-ion battery and neodymium magnet for EV, emission trading, and water infrastructure.

I was stationed in New York for six years and in India for three years. I have business experience in both advanced and emerging countries. I am fluent in English and Chinese.


What have been the main lessons you have learned in your career and how do you implement them in your management?

I have learned two big lessons through my experiences overseas. One is “do not lie” and the other is “do not pretend to know something you do not.” People would know if you were lying or pretending to know things and you would lose people’s trust eventually. “To be fair and clear” is important.  To be sincere to all stakeholders has become a big premise in my management.



Many people have had great influences on my values as a member of society and as a professional. Among those advices, “importance of not misunderstanding the essence” has been helping me a lot in my current position that requires prompt decision making.



Julius Caesar mentioned five characteristics you need to be a leader: knowledge, persuasiveness, discipline, physical strength, and strong will.  I always remember these five.



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