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Business Description

Zuken works globally with leading companies to optimize their electrical and electronic engineering design and related manufacturing processes through the provision of leading-edge software and consulting services. Our unique combination of proven experience, technological expertise and agility creates best-in-class solutions. Our transparent working practices and belief in integrity in all aspects of business produces long lasting and successful customer partnerships.



Electronic Design Automation -  Since its establishment, Zukenʼs core business has been the field of electronic design automation software needed to implement the advanced functions of todayʼs ever-evolving electronics products. Zukenʼs software is now used by electronics manufacturers worldwide, together with our unique solutions for managing electronic components and design data based on extensive expertise in electronics design.

  • Printed Circuit Board / IC Packaging Design
    • CR-8000 is the industry’s first native 3D multi-board design platform.  A single platform that encompasses hardware architecture design, analysis, chip/package/board co-design and ECAD/MCAD collaboartion.
  • Design Data Management
    • DS-2 is an engineering data management solution that handles work-in-process data and library Management, for electrical and electronic designs. DS-2 is unique in that it supports Zuken products as well as other EDA vendor datasets.
  • Wire Harness and Control Systems Design
    • E3.series is a Windows-based, scalable, easy-to-learn system for the design of wiring and control systems, hydraulics and pneumatics.



Zukenʼs software is now used by electronics manufacturers worldwide in military, aerospace, automotive, machinery, consumer electronics and power generation.



Electronic Design Automation -  Since its establishment, Zukenʼs core business has been the field of electronic design automation software needed to implement the advanced functions of todayʼs ever-evolving electronics products.



Woldwide Headquarters: 2-25-1 Edahigashi, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 224-8585, Japan

Worldwide Operations:

  • Americas Headquarters:  238 Littleton Road, Suite 100, Westford, MA, 01886, USA
  • European Headquarters:  Am Soeldnermoos 17, Hallbergmoos, 85399, Germany


Competitive Advantages

Zuken provides software and services in the form of cutting-edge and optimal solution packages. These strengths, accumulated since the Companyʼs founding,are based on experience acquired through interaction with leading manufacturing companies around the world. Zuken helps implement product development processes that work in global markets.


Unfailing support system

At Zuken, we not only seek to improve software functionality but also earnestly tackle the challenge of how to achieve outstanding results for our customers as quickly as possible. Zukenʼs experienced support staff provide unmatched startup assistance as well as various other services that free designers from the need to deal with ancillary tasks.


Global networking

Utilizing a network that extends to countries across the globe, Zuken proactively creates spaces for the exchange of information between customers. The Zuken Innovation World conferences are held in key countries including Japan, the United States, and Germany. The events provide information on advanced initiatives and cutting-edge technology from various nations, and are highly valued by our customers.


Compatible with leading-edge technology

Electronics technologies are evolving each and every day. However, it is not easy to replace a development environment once it has been introduced. In order to meet the latest design needs in a timely manner, Zuken employs an open and scalable architecture in its software products. In addition to routinely enhancing software functionality, Zuken also engages in product development that emphasizes the ability to adapt flexibly to customer design environments.



Zuken employs approximately 1300 people worldwide.



  • December 1976
    • Zukei Shori Gijutsu Kenkyusho Inc. was established inIsogo-ku, Yokohama.
  • June 1978
    • Japan's first full-scale CAD/CAM system Create 2000, for the design of printed circuit boards, was developed
  • November 1983
    • Zuken America Inc. (now Zuken USA Inc.) was established in California in the U.S.
  • October 1991
    • Registered in the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange as the first EDA corporation.
  • January 1992
    • Zuken Europe GmbH (now Zuken E3 GmbH) established in Germany.
  • June 1994
    • Zuken acquired all the shares of Racal-Redac Ltd. of the United Kingdom.
  • May 2006
    • Zuken acquired Germany's CIM-Team (Now Zuken GmbH).
  • June 2011
    • Worldwide release of CR-8000, a new generation electronic device design platform, and the start of the sales of the new product Design Force completed Zuken's system-level electronics design environment.
  • September 2013
    • Zuken SOZO Center established in Silicon Valley, California, USA.
  • August 2014
    • Global Automotive and Transportation Competence Center was established in Erlangen, Germany.






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