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  • Vision/Mission

      Yoshitake produces a large variety of industrial and residential valves with best quality and engineering in experience more than 70 years. We also propose optimal piping design and installation which are considered energy saving.


  • Business Description

      Yoshitake produces pressure regulating valves, safety valves, steam traps, strainers, solenoid valves, glove valves, bellow sealed valves, and other related products and accessories. Yoshitake supplies many kinds of products to plants, factories, commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, residential complex, and so on. Our products are also built in many types of industrial machines such as food processing, foaming, sterilizing, boilers, fuel cell generators, and so on. We ship to over 50 countries through our worldwide sales network.


  • Background

      Yoshitake was established in 1944 at Nagoya, Japan by Takeshi Yamada, the founder. The origin of Yoshitake was Fushiman Co. Ltd. that was established in 1902. Yoshitake was spun off in 1937.


- Products/Services

      Yoshitake manufactures the most of valves and accessories for steam and water application.


-  Markets

     Commercial and residential buildings, plants, factories, hospitals, machine manufacturers.


-  Location

  HQ is located in the city of Nagoya, Japan. One factory is located in Komaki, Aichi, Japan. Another factory is located in Chonburi, Thailand.


-  Competitive Advantages

      Yoshitake can supply the most valves and their accessories. Our valves are high-end performance and top quality assured. We also can propose the best trouble-less applications and the best energy saving solutions. Most of our products are manufactured in our factories, which means we always control quality and delivery time.


-  Financial Projection

      Our capital adequacy ratio is 83.8%, ROA is 5.2%, ROE is 6.3%, ordinary profit is 12.5%. These numbers show that our business is very stable and sustainable. Manufacturing valves is mostly based on no cutting edge technology. In other word, it is always required plenty of experience and past achievements. Therefore the market does not expect new entrants come in. Valves are considered as a part of a utility or a part of a machine, so once valves are installed, after many years those have to be replaced for new valves or have to undergo maintenance in order to continue to work. This figure represents that Yoshitake’s business is continuous and profitable.


-  Company goals and Objectives

      Within the next 3 to 5 years Yoshitake aims to achieve 40-50% overseas sales ratio instead of the current 25% overseas sales and 75% domestic sales ratio.


-   Employees

       470 (consolidated)


-   Highlights

       Yoshitake went public on the Tokyo exchange in 1990.





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