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Date: Established in December 7, 1929



◆ Management philosophy

-Commitment to Quality

Aim to improve the quality. There is nothing more precious than the quality of our products.

-Consumer First

Dedicate intimate service activities to our consumers & customers.

-Solid Business

Manage the business to get through the present times, with sincerity and rationality.

◆Basic management policy

1) Thinking strategically for the foundation of tomorrow

2) Promoting differentiation through intellectual property

3) Making proposals, needs of creations, and new developments

4) Improving productivity to generate profits

5) Developing human resources to build the future

6) Responding to global environmental problems


Business Description

Yokohama oils & Fats Industry Co., Ltd. has been making efforts to support comfortable living by manufacturing environmentally friendly products since its foundation. We are always mindful that we are a “A Research and Development-oriented Manufacturer”.

With this technology, we provide high-performance detergents to make the look of automobiles and buildings beautiful and precision cleaning agents required in the manufacturing processes of leading-edge industries.

In other operating business, we are supporting the lives of people by pursuing “beauty” & “deliciousness” in the food world with our functional oils & fats, or through the functionalization of original materials.

YOKOHAMA OILS & FATS INDUSTRY CO., LTD. has achieved continuous growth providing responses to various requests from customers. We keep pursuing the quality control and furthermore launching a number of high value-added items as environmentally friendly products into the world.

“Beauty & Ecology” – Going forward to the extreme of beauty & to the ideal of ecology

We will devote ourselves to research & development technologies, and will continue to make our history as a CSR company.



Established in 1929, at 1-1 Minamisengen-cho, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-city in Kanagawa prefecture in Japan.

In the 1930s, we started to research fish oils, then developed hardened oils and oils for lighting. It was the first steps as a “fish oil company”. Then dry oils, liver oils, and hydrogenated oils were mainly produced by refining operations with the accumulated fish oils.

In the 1940s, we converted the foundation of our own brand into the production of soaps and detergents. Many products were manufactured as a cooperating factory of Shiseido Co., Ltd. After World War II, soaps, detergents, and OEM for Shiseido Co., Ltd. were manufactured.

We stopped manufacturing fish oil in 1980s though, we expanded our product lines to Food Additives, Car Chemicals and Precise Cleaning Chemicals for Semiconductors and panel displays.









Food Additives

1969: started to produce Food Additives.

1970: started business of edible beef fat, lard, margarine and shortening.

1971: started to produce the mold release oil for bread.

1975: started to produce the mold release oil for cakes.

1979: started to business of the fruit surface treatment agent.

1983: started to produce the dietary supplements, advanced to the health food field.

1985: started to business of dietary fiber cookies.


Car Chemicals

In 1966, we developed and started the business of special detergents, waxes, coating agents for car-washing machines. These cleaning agents used at gasoline stations were the first produced by our company in Japan. From then to the present, we have continued studying the affinities among coating surface, car parts and chemicals, and also between car-washing processes and chemicals.

We produce and sell our brand series [Linda] and the OEM as well.

Our product lines can steadily supply many car chemicals to service stations, car washing stores, and car repair shops in Japan, so-called “After-sales care market”. Now we are exporting those products to China.


- High precision cleaning agents

1988, advanced to the field related to liquid crystal. Developed and launched the cleaning agent for LCD, as an alternative to CFC (Freon). It had been highly evaluated.

2000, Developed and launched the resist stripper agent.

































YOF history on our web:


Industry /Products/Services


Detergent field of total cleaning systems for buildings, hotels, factories, and etc.

In particular, environmentally friendly products from floor maintenance to kitchen and air conditioning equipment maintenance.

We will continue to research and develop chemical products that make us feel safe and comfortable, as well.

- Chemicals related to air conditioning maintenance
- Cleaning agents for oils and fats
- Resin waxes for floors

- Practical training of air conditioning cleaning for users, etc.


Detergent field of high-precision cleaning agents chemical market for electronic parts material in the cutting edge industry

Through the high precision cleaning agent technology, we are responding to the evolution of advanced process technologies such as high definition in the flat panel display (FPD) field. In cleaning field for various glass materials, photomasks, crystal oscillators, optical lenses, optical filters, etc, as well.

Others are precision cleaners for hard disks, thin film magnetic heads, resin film removers, resist strippers, metal ceramics, plastics, etc.


Food field of the intermediate processing and food material functionalization technology

We proide the technologies that enhance the material's value itself and bring out new possibilities of the materials.

We can offer the following mid-line processing:

Emulsification, water solubilization, oil solubilization, dispersion, solubilization, surface modification technology, etc.


2003, developed Coenzyme Q10 emulsion that can be added to beverages.

2007  exhibited Coenzyme Q10 at Supply Side West 2007(the world’s largest food exhibition).

2008  exhibited Coenzyme Q10 at Fi Asia China 2008.

2009  exhibited Coenzyme Q10 at Bangkok , and started exporting to Thailand.


Food material functionalization technology

1. Water solubilization

By emulsification and dispersion technology, we process water-insoluble materials to soluble formulations.

Application fields: Beverages and jelly

Applied to: Vitamin A&D&E&K, Coenzyme Q10, α-lipoic acid, Squalene


2. Oil solubilization

By emulsification and dispersion, we process oil-insoluble materials into oil soluble formulation.

 Application fields: Soft capsules, oil & fats foods
   Applied to: Vitamin B family, Vitamin C, Minerals, Flavonoids


3. Oil coating

By oil coating the surface of powder materials, we can mask bad taste and reduce reactivity.

Application fields: Tablets, Hard capsules, Granules
Enable the masking of bad taste or odor and to avoid discoloration 


4. Powderization

By powderization, we process various liquids into powders.

Application fields: Tablets, Hard capsules, Granules
Applied to: Vitamin A&D&E&K, n-3 PUFA (DHA, EDA), Coenzyme Q10


Food processing field of mold release oil

1. Mold release oil

- Release oil for baking bread

- Release oil for baking cakes

- Box oil

- Divider oil
- Glossy oil

2. Delica series

3. Food additive formulation





 3 factories : Yokohama, Hadano, Osaka

 6 sales offices: Yokohama, Sapporo, Sendai, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka







                     ASIAN FOOD SCIENCE (GUANGZHOU) CO.,LTD.


YOF locations on our web: http://





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