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Yamashina Management Philosophy

"Stable supply of innovative and safe technologies that makes the impossible possible for the world's industries, while contributing to the wonderful future and rich life of every person."

Yamashina Corporation is a manufacturer of element technologies, including screws. Element technology is indispensable for making products, such as automobiles and home appliances, which allow people to live abundantly. It is our mission to constantly provide these products in a continuous and qualitative manner, constantly evolving innovatively, changing industrial “impossibilities” into “possibilities,” and realizing the rich and wonderful future that awaits people.


Business Description

Yamashina Corporation manufactures and sells industrial screws, bolts and small metal parts called fasteners. We are engaged in the stable supply of products with key physical characteristics, such as weak electricity conductivity and special materials, mainly for fasteners for automobiles of high quality.

Yamashina Corporation has a strong network with suppliers and subcontractors nationwide and has production capacity that can respond flexibly to the requirements of various markets, such as different shapes and tailored delivery schedule throughout the entire network. At our Kyoto Plant, we are introducing IoT technologies and implementing advanced production control systems, such as visualization of production.

We have recently began actively developing new technologies to respond to new market needs, being the first to develop certain fasteners that contribute to weight reduction of automobiles and other products. We are also developing techniques that contribute to cost reduction and marketing activities.

Yamashina Corporation is also active in its overseas expansion. Our subsidiaries and technical cooperation companies are located in Thailand and China, and we provide high quality fasteners to local customers in a timely manner. Thailand's business is expanding, and we aim to expand this place to Southeast Asia by hub.

In order to make these activities successful, we are active in M ​​& A activities. To penetrate international markets we have partnered with companies that are related to each other, expanding the scale and business scope of our activities.



Company name: Yamashina Corporation (Yamashina Corporation)

Establishment: September 1, 1917

Head office: 16  Higashinokitsuneyabu-cho, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto, Japan

Representative Director: Naoki Hori

Capital: 90 million yen

Business: planning, manufacturing and sales of metal products

Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange



We are developing the world's first zipper etc. that contributes to weight reduction of products, such as automobiles, and reduction of total cost. We also have license agreements with leading overseas fastener manufacturers, and we manufacture and sell them in Japan.

●CFRP Fastener

We developed the world’s first nut that can be used for CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) with galvanic corrosion risk when fastened with general metallic parts. It is made of aluminium alloy and lightweight.

●Aluminum alloy fasteners

Lightweight and highly safe aluminum alloy, high strength fastener. It is a fastener that can be used under severe conditions, such as in automobiles.

●Thread Forming Fastener for Metal

Thread forming fastener for steel, light alloy and thin steel plate. For thin steel plates, steel plates with a thickness of 0.3 mm can be fastened, and for steel, 1180 MPa steel plates can be fastened without tapped holes.

●Thread Forming Fastener for Resin

From prevention of looseness to reusable items, we have all the features of high functionality. It does not use insert nuts, making cost reduction possible.

●Multipurpose fastener

We offer products of various shapes based on cold working. These are custom-made based on customer's drawing, such as for pins and shafts.



We conduct our transactions with about 400 Japanese companies. Of the 400 companies, about 40% are manufacturers, and the remaining 60% are delivered to users via trading companies.

Approximately 70% of our sales come from automobile-related markets, and 25% are markets for electric appliances and home appliances.

Our fasteners are used overseas while passing through trading companies and being incorporated in Japan.



Yamashina Corporation

Head office and factory: 16  Higashinokitsuneyabu-cho,Yamashina-ku, Kyoto, Japan

Tokyo Sales Office: Kawagoe-shi ,Saitama Prefecture,Japan

Chubu Sales Office: Anjo-shi, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Kyoto Sales Office:  Yamashina-ku, Kyoto,Japan

Kyushu Sales Office: Yamaga-shi , Kumamoto Prefecture,Japan


● Domestic Group Companies

Sanyo Industries Co., Ltd.: Harness, development, manufacture and sales of wire cables

LADVIK CO. LTD.,: Development, manufacture and sale of collor, precision press parts


● Overseas group companies

Yamashina Bangkok Fastening Co., Ltd.: Manufacture and sales of metal products

LADVIK (THAILAND) Co., Ltd.: Manufacture and sale of metal products

SYK Industry Co., Ltd.: Sales of wire cables


Financial Projection

Consolidated sales for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018 were ¥ 8,896 million. Consolidated net income was 588 million yen.



Consolidated: 607 employees

Non-consolidated: 157 employees



1917 – Yamashina Corporation established with a capital of 1 million yen. It was purchased by the Army, Navy and Ministry of Railways.

1949 - We succeeded in domestically making the first cross-recessed screw.

1954 - In response to the request of the Japanese government, we cooperated in making thread forming fasteners domestically.

1962 - Listed shares on the stock exchanges in Osaka and Kyoto.

1969 - Awarded the Minister’s Award from Japan’s Ministry of Economy,as an “excellent factory for industrial standardization and quality control.”


Other Notes

● Overseas license agreement company

CONTI Fasteners AG.  Switzerland

EJOT GmbH & Co. KG.  Germany

Acument Global Technologies. B.V.  USA





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