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The Toshiba Machine Group respects human values.  The Group's mission is to contribute towards building the foundation for industry through creating an abundance of wealth and helping to improve people's lives and cultural development.
These pages provide an overview of the corporate profile of Toshiba Machine.


Business Description

  1. Manufacture and sales of machine tools, textile machines, papermaking machines, printers, industrial machines, electric machines, electronic device, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, hydraulic equipment, mold tools, food machinery, pollution control equipment and components thereof;
  2. Manufacture and sales of cast metal;
  3. Installation of machines and/or equipment;
  4. Measurement certification of density and noise level, etc., environmental measurement for buildings and measurement of working environment;
  5. Measurement and analysis of plastics, metals, minerals, chemicals, lime products, etc.;
  6. Maintenance, construction and repair of buildings, structures, etc.;
  7. Collection and transportation of waste products;
  8. Manufacture and sales of medical devices; and
  9. Other businesses associated with or relating to the foregoing items.



In 1938, the Japanese government asked Shibaura Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (present Toshiba Corporation) to manufacture large machine tools. In response to this request, Shibaura Machine Tool, which was responsible for manufacturing some of the first Japanese-made large machine tools, was established on the 26/12 of 1938.

By continuing to respond to the "demands of the market" with "unrivaled technical capabilities," we have developed a diverse range of businesses, acquired advanced technological training and the trust of the market. As a result of our historical experience in the manufacturing of large machine tools, we have grown in a global leader of the mahine tool industry.



Injection molding machines, die-casting machines, plastic extrusion machines, printing presses, machine tools, high precision machines, micro pattern imprinting machines, industry robots、electronic controls, and castings.

Product Information:



At the Toshiba Machine Group, we are building a global network that will enable us to provide the best products to customers from all over the world. As the international market is becoming more and more diversed, we will continue to provide worldwide support covering

all aspects of development, manufacturing, distribution, and service.

At our Numazu Headquarters Plant, which is our manufacturing base in Japan, we manufacture injection molding machines, plastic extrusion machines, and other items. Die casting machines are among the products we make at our Sagami Plant and at our Gotemba Plant, which makes machine tools. Additionally, the manufacture of our injection molding machines and die casting machines are also done in overseas locations such as Shanghai, China. Furthermore, new production systems in Thailand and India are under construction.



Automobile,Electric,LCD,Litium ion secondary batteries,Optics,semiconductors,die mold, die mold, machine tool, industrial machinery,aircraft, power generation, steel industry

Others We support the foundation of manufacturing of various products all over the world.



HEADQUARTER : 2068-3, Ooka, Numazu-shi, Shizuoka-ken 410-8510, Japan

TEL: 81-(0)55-926-5141


Competitive Advantages

Our company has grown as a comprehensive machine manufacturer for many years with large machine tools as a founder. To summarize the advantages of our company, we have high technical ability to respond to the needs from the market, three as a comprehensive machine maker who has created business with problem-solving type, Tikara, "flexible response capability" to the change of the times in the times .


Financial Projection

Fact sheet :

Performance and financial information


Company Goals & Objectives

Mid-term Business Plan:



Directors and Auditors :

Corporate Governance:



3,273 (Consolidated) As  of the end of March 2018





Other Notes

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