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― Group Slogan ―

Toward a Beautiful Age―The Tokyu Group

We hold this philosophy in common as we work together to create and support the Tokyu Group.

Mission Statement

We will create a beautiful living environment, where each person can pursue individual happiness in a harmonious society.

Management Policy

Work independently and in collaboration to raise Group synergy and establish a trusted and beloved brand.

・Meet current market expectations and develop new ones.
・Manage in harmony with the natural environment.
・Pursue innovative management from a global perspective.
・Value individuality and make the most of each people.

Through these means, we will fulfill our corporate social responsibilities.

Guidelines for Action

・Fulfill your responsibilities.
・Collaborate to enhance each other's abilities.
・Reinvent yourself with a global awareness.


About Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group

Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group consists of Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation, which was established in October 2013, its subsidiaries Tokyu Land Corporation, Tokyu Community Corporation, Tokyu Livable, Inc., Tokyu Hands, Inc., Tokyu Housing Lease Corporation (which began operations in April 2015) and the subsidiares/affiliates of these companies.


Organization of The Group

The starting point for the Group was a pioneering project in 1923 aimed at developing an ideal community called Den-en Chofu. Since then, the Group has engaged in real estate development through Tokyu Land Corporation, which was founded in 1953, and has moved into the property management and real-estate agents business.
Tokyu Community Corporation and Tokyu Livable, Inc., both of which came into being in the early 1970s, went on to secure leading positions in their respective industries.

In the subsequent period, Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group has continued its ceaseless evolution in response to the changing times and has grown into a corporate group with a strong character and a broad range, launching into operation in 1976 Tokyu Hands, Inc., a company that entered the retail business with the aim of reinstating work done by hand, and in 1988 the Tokyu Harvest Club, a membership resort hotel system that proposed a new way of spending leisure time.

Transforming ourselves into a group that goes beyond the bounds of physical frames and develops lifestyles. We will keep pursuing new values through Group-wide joint development efforts to realize a society that is affluent and sound.


Business Domains

Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group runs comprehensive real estate businesses in four core areas and three growth areas.
Tokyu Land Corporation is a core company of the group that promotes urban development, a residential business, a wellness business, and overseas businesses.



Tokyu group holds more than 1 trillion yen of assets and is ranked third among Japanese real estate companies.



Our born place is Shibuya,Now  headquarters is Minamiaoyama



  • TK Minami Aoyama Building, 2-6-21 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062
  • TEL.03-5414-1099 FAX.03-5414-1329


Competitive Advantages

Tokyu Land Corporation is a core company of the group that promotes urban development, a residential business, a wellness business, and overseas businesses.

And urban development is spread Over sea about USA ,Indonesia , China,and Parao.


Company Goals & Objectives

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 641(as of April 1, 2017)



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