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Sanwa is devoted to practicing fine engineering and to creating and providing high-quality products through excellent customer service. We are committed to being the best global provider of superior fiber-optic components, and understand the specific requirements and challenges our customers face.  We strive to develop a unique technology with your concerns in mind to deliver a result that leads to mutual success. 



Engineering Excellence Connecting You and Beyond


Business Description

Since 1947, Sanwa Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo,  Japan, has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing products and solutions to enhance network performance and discovering intelligent solutions.

The rapid progress in the broadband and mobile technologies continues to advance the optical communications industry, and how the world communicates at a staggering rate towards Next Generation Networks (FTTx and 5G).  With superior engineering, product designs, quality manufacturing and reliable services, our talented team prides itself on providing engineering excellence that continues to propel the functionality and simplified operation with improved productivity in electrical, telecommunication, data communication and in a variety of technology applications.

Sanwa’s 70-year success is a derivative of mutual successes achieved through collaborations with our customers and partners, supporting the company’s growth to become one of the leading Japanese electrical and optical connector suppliers. With manufacturing facilities and operations located across the United States, Japan and Southeast Asia, Sanwa is driven to provide our expertise and support all around the globe.



Sanwa Denki Kogyo Co., LTD comes with a thoughtful meaning behind the logo. The word “San”- in Japanese represents three (owners, employees and customer) and “wa” (harmony) to build and prosper a successful empire within harmony.  In the beginning of the venture, Sanwa first produced electronic irons and boilers for green houses. However, the business quickly evolved into the development of infrastructure for communication networks in Japan during the rebuilding process after World War II by providing components for the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications in 1951.

After Sanwa’s initial success, the company continued to expand and improve communication technology, eventually extending their factories and services to NEC (Nippon Electric Company), a joint venture of Japanese and Western capital established in 1899.

In 1969, Western Electric of the United States and Sanwa began working together to develop new connectivity solutions that have evolved into the backbone of communication and information sharing networks that are still being used today.

Today, Sanwa still remains as a privately held company operated by the third generation of the Ishii Family, and continues to provide quality components and custom developed fiber optical solutions suitable for customers’ specific needs.



Sanwa provides quality connectivity solutions and components to a quickly evolving industry of broadband and data communications technologies, leading in innovative network infrastructure of the future. The core product line includes LC Product Series, SC, FC, MPO, Optical Transceiver, Optical Outlet Series, and Circular Connector Series.

The values of Sanwa consist of providing engineering excellence, connecting you and beyond. With communication networks evolving to facilitate groundbreaking technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence, IoT (internet of Things), big data, and sharing economies, Sanwa will strive to provide and support the successful establishment of advanced information networks.



Sanwa operates worldwide to help you enhance network performance and reliability. With the high precision engineering and manufacturing capabilities, the company distributes its products globally.



Historically, Sanwa has been one of three core component suppliers to Japan’s Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, which later became NTT, one of world’s largest carriers. Today, Sanwa continues to lead the date communication and broadband industry worldwide, supporting every major continent.



HQ located in Tokyo, Japan, and sales office located in Dallas, USA responsible for the entire Americas and Europe, and Taiwan office oversees the entire Asia.  Sanwa currently operates two manufacturing sites, one in Hachioji, Japan focusing on the R&D and QA to ensure quality production and Ayutthaya Thailand for high-volume production.


Competitive Advantages

Sanwa is committed to being the best global provider of superior fiber optic components, and understands the specific requirements and challenges our customers face.  One of our core competencies is customization and in-house engineering to develop a unique technology with your concerns in mind to deliver a result that leads to a mutual success. 


Company Goals & Objectives

As Sanwa’s global customers continue to expand their market presence, we are committed to growing our operations globally, while expanding our product offerings and solutions to better fit the ever-changing communications industry.



Yasuo Ishii

Position: President & CEO


I am a firm believer of keeping the family business alive which has been a big part of my business philosophy.  I first started my professional journey with the NEC Corporation for 6 years as a software engineer, and as a certified SAP Consultant in Sales and Distribution Module. I received a President’s award in 2001 as a best performance employee.

As the next chapter of my career, I joined Sanwa Denki Kogyo in 2008 then became the Managing Director of Sanwa Electronics (Thailand) in 2011, and President & CEO of Sanwa Denki Kogyo in 2017.


Bachelor of Education in Waseda University in 1998.


When I came on board with Sanwa, I had a vision of growing our organization worldwide to become one of the greatest Connectivity Solutions Company. Soon after I joined, I was responsible for setting up our very first factory outside of Japan (in Thailand) which operates as one of the main manufacturing sites responsible for mass production of our products.

Areas of Expertise

I try to stay active and be involved in the industry organizations. I am the Advisory member of The Manufacturing Promotion Committee of The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as a member of Robot Revolution Initiative at the Manucaturing business revolution through IoT. T

What have been the main lessons you have learned in your career and how do you implement them in your management?

One that strongly comes to my mind is Dr. Hiroyuki Itami’s one-year private seminar, “Narrow down” which is the signature phrase of the seminar. I learned that narrowing down customers, product portfolio, and even business domain will paradoxically increase sales and profit. It goes without saying that the right decision of what to narrow down is critical. Then, how can I make right decision in the circumstance that nobody can be sure what will happen in the future? Define the goal, analyze the current situation, figure out the gap between the goal and current situation, then create the scenario to achieve the goal. The scenario is what we call “strategy.” Dr.Itami advised me to refine the strategy through viewing from many aspects as possible to raise the opportunity of success. I often find myself relying on this strategy in my management.


Dr. Hiroyuki Itami- President of International University of Japan, and Kunihiro Nakagaki- Former factory director of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

I am very grateful to have these mentors in my life for helping to shape and mold me to become a better leader.


“Born with the destiny, defy the fate, and execute the mission”

Keizo Obuchi, the 54th  Prime Minister of Japan

This quote resonates with me as I was born with a destiny to become a successor of Sanwa Denki Kogyo. I believe the mission of my life is to successfully expand the company both  internally and externally to become the best global provider of superior fiber optic components and connectivity solutions, and to carry on our family legacy down to the next generation.



350 Employees globally





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