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To be the best export and tourism promotion agency in Latin America, in terms of both results and recognition.

To position Peru in the global scene by promoting the nation’s image as a tourist destination and producer of value added products, thus contributing to the nation’s sustainable and decentralized development.


Organization Description

Peru’s Export and Tourism Promotion agency - PROMPERÚ - is a decentralized legal entity governed by public law. It operates under the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR).

Its task is to propose and execute plans and strategies to promote exports of goods and services, and domestic and inbound tourism, by promoting and disseminating Peru’s image, in line with the Ministry’s policies and objectives. 

These activities are carried out in coordination with other government agencies, each acting within the framework of their respective competencies, and also with industry.



It was created on March 2007, through the merger of the Commission for the Promotion of Peru - PromPeru with the Commission for the Promotion of Exports - PROMPEX



- Implementing sector policies for export, tourism and image promotion.

- Designing, proposing, approving and executing plans and strategies to promote Peru´s exports, tourism and image, in line with commercial and tourism policies.

- Coordinating with appropriate agencies the opening of offices, appointment of trade representatives and hiring of foreign representatives to promote Peru´s exports, tourism and disseminate Peru´s image.

- Undertaking relevant initiatives to design, implement and manage the “Peru Country Brand” and others that identify Peru domestically and abroad as a tool to promote exports, as well as domestic and inbound tourism.


Organization Goals & Objectives

Peru’s cultural and historical attractions are some of its strengths. And now, gastronomy is offering a better international exposure to our country.

Although Peruvians are renowned masters of certain types of knowledge, like piscos production, cotton and alpaca fibers, coffee or cacao, now, our challenge is that the world can know and buy Peru’s products, understand the value of our export goods and services, and learn about the importance we attach to the entire value chain.

Our strategy now should be to use those strengths to showcase our country’s other attributes, so Peru will be seen as a whole comprising tourist attractions, investment potential and exports. Meanwhile, our authenticity is one of Peru’s differential values.



Commitment. We are fully committed to our work, our institution and, specially, our country. We work with enthusiasm because we are aware everything we do helps to build a better Peru.

Customer focus. We are a service organization that seeks to create value for our internal and external clients by anticipating their needs and exceeding their expectations.

Leadership. We walk the talk. Our leaders promote our values in every initiative they undertake. With simplicity and an open attitude, we help our co-workers to walk the path of professional and personal growth.

Respect and team work. We are a team. We value other people´s ideas and together discuss and share opinions that make us stronger as an organization and individuals.

Integrity. We do the right things because we believe in them and not because somebody is watching. We act honestly when discharging our functions.

Innovation. We constantly search for excellence and continuously improve upon everything we do. We incessantly innovate in the search for new ways to create value.



The past decade, Peru has undergone a renewal and consolidation process. It has, furthermore, experienced incredible sustained economic growth.

In this scenery, appeared the necessity to tell the world about the wonderful things occurring in the country and about our competitive advantages in global markets.

In 2010, PROMPERU presented Marca Peru, a country brand created in order to generate a simple and integral idea that strongly and efficiently transmit a value proposal.

Its identity is centered on the word Peru, which reflects our national identity since the word cannot be definitively claimed by any one culture but is the result of a blending of several different ones, just like the country itself.

As a brand, it has to be useful for a variety of sectors, so we kept it simple, with no frills added to the name. It is designed to be the center of a broad communication ecosystem in which a vast array of messages, images, concepts, landscapes, and cultures can be included, according to the judgment and choice of the sector using it.

Through Marca Peru, PROMPERU has launched different international campaigns like Peru Nebraska; New Year’s Eve Resolutions: Make it happen in Peru; Peru, Empire of Hidden Treasures; and Peru dedicated to the world.

In 2016, Promperu was chosen Best Tourist Office in World Travel Awards, which is considered the most important recognition for the agency.

Undoubtedly, these goals have marked PROMPERU´s evolution in recent times.





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