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To regenerate OMORI SPIRITS (Founder’s mentality)

  • Because it “looks interesting”
  • Be a pioneer
  • Think for yourself
  • Speed
  • Never give up
  • Bring love into all of our actions

Our creed

As member of OMORI group, the leading manufacturer of packaging machines, we will faithfully discharge our duties and work without complaint with the pride and belief that packaging machines we design manufacture and sell, are contributing to the industrial development of world.


Business Description

Packaging machines for products that are essential to people’s lives such as food, daily necessities, and pharmaceuticals. OMORI is a company that manufactures and sells various packaging machines, and designs and manufactures packaging system lines.

Since our establishment in 1948, we have been developing original packaging equipment that meets the needs of the times,

From now on, we are committed to continually working diligently as a leading company in the packaging machine industry.



1948 Mr. Shozo starts a press die manufacturing business at Taito-ku, Tokyo.

1953 Omori Manufactruing Ltd. established.

1957 Omori Machinery Co., Ltd. formed for the purpose of manufacturing automatic packaging machinery.

1960 New Packer (automatic sausage and ham filling and clipping machine) designed and marketed.

1964 Horizontal form fill seal machine designed and marketed.

1967 Mr. Shozon Omori was appointed for first chairman of Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers’ Association.

1974 Stretch wrapper, model ST-6090N designed and marketed.

1980 Computer controlled ham slicing system with tobotic sliced ham loader developed.

1983 Wraparound cartoner model RC-120 designed and marketed.

1984 New Koshigaya head office and factory building completed.

1989 Achieved annual sales of USD100,000,000

1991 Nagaoka factory opened.

1993 JOI Pack, Joint Venture with IMA S.p.A – a leading Italian packaging machine manufacturer established in Japan.

1994 Beijing Omori Changkong Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. established.

1995 Mr. Shozo Omori conferred with The Order of The Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette by the Emperor.

1997 Head office and factory attained ISO9001 quality standard.

2007 High-Speed horizontal form fill seal machine model EP-7000 developed.

2008 Mr. Toshio Omori appointed as President.

2012 Omori North America established in Toronto, Canada.

2012 Sakura Work Shop opened.

2013 Omori India PVT., Ltd. established.

2013 Mr. Toshio Omori was appointed for first chairman of Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers’ Association.

2015 Omori Thailand Co., Ltd. established.

2015 Omori Europe B.V. established.

2017 Beijing Omori Changkong Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. changed to Beijing Omori Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.  



We design, manufacture and sell automatic packaging machines for various industry, like food, pharmaceutical and others. 

Main item: Horizontal form fill seal machine, Packaging systems for pharmaceurical products, Thermoformers (Deep drawn vacuum pack machiner), Tray wrapper, Caser and Cartoner.

However, we recognize that it is no longer sufficient simply to package products. The application of total engineering leads to comprehensive, systemized lines handling everything from manufacturing to delivery. Combining our R&D strength with innovative materials and technologies, we develop complete automated packaging systems based on a total marketing concept.



Dry food, fresh food, ready-meal, frozen food, meat, cheese, vegetables, fruit, mushroom, fish, processed product, dairy product, bakery, confectionery, dog food, medical goods, pharmaceutical goods, stationary, paper products, sanitary goods,  cosmetics, industrial parts, etc.



Food, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Consumerable product.



OMORI JAPAN, Head Office:   2761 Nishikata, Koshigaya, Saitama 343-0822, Japan

Beijing OMORI: Beijing, China

OMORI North America: Bolton, Ontario, Canada

OMORI India: Vadodara, Gujarat, India

OMORI Europe: Oldenzaal, the Netherlands

OMORI Thailand: Bangkok, Thailand


Competitive Advantages

The Unendng Pursuit of New Possibilities.

Wrapping – a small deed that demonstrates the care and affection of the giver. Deeply committed to producing sophiscated machinery and advancing packaging machinery technology, we never lose sight of the opportunity to enhance product appearance and the anticipation of unwrapping.

New packaging possibilities are constantly being explored to maintain the highest level of product quality, meeting our commitment to minimize waste at all levels and contribute to a better society. An idea gives birth to technology, and technology gives birth to an idea.

Meeting challenges with tenacity, creating innovations with versatility is our strength. A world of possibilities……at OMORI!


Financial Projection

Projection for the FY2018 (unit: billion yen)

  OMORI Japan net Sales: 24.0


Company Goals & Objectives

We are working on a basic concept of ‘Earning Power’, ‘Globalization’ and ‘Friendly Employees’.  This concept leads to ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ and ‘Sustainable Development’.  Our long-term goal is to achieve total sales of 75 billion yen in worldwide by OMORI group (Team OMORI) in 2023.



Consolidated number of employees 580 (as of 2017)



We constructed a new factory in OMORI INDIA, Vadodara, Gujarat, INDIA in September 2018 to increase the capacity machine production for biscuit and cookie wrapping.


Other Notes





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