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Being equipped with a waste treatment facility whose performance is not only at the world’s top level, but also safe and efficient to operate. We consider Nomura Kohsan’s goal is to help the customers and ultimately the whole society, in order to support the comfortable life of people and the prosperity of industries, with Nomura Kohsan’s technological and managerial foundations which have been long built-up.

We prioritize global environment conservation as one of the most important business tasks, carry out the unique business of waste processing, contribute to society through business migration and step forward strongly as the leading company to achieve circulation society.

Taking up the Minamata convetion as an opportunity, we will contribute to international regulation on mercury through transfer of know-how and technologies of mercury treatment which we accumulated through Nomura Kohsan’s history of experiences.


Business Description

Nomura Kohsan is the only mercury-recycling company in Japan. For over 40 years, we have gained experience in collecting and treating mercury waste from all over Japan. We have two plants, one is Itomuka plant in Hokkaido and the other is Kansai factory in Osaka which is an intermediate facility to process used fluorescent lamps. All of our facilities are certified with the ISO14001. 



Prior to the founding of Nomura Kohsan Co., Ltd., a mercury mine had existed at the site of where our Itomuka Plant stands today. Owned by Nomura Mining Co., Ltd. (established in May 1939), the mine had flourished as the biggest producer of mercury in the East for over thirty years, and had contributed greatly to the modernization of industries.

However, due to the sudden decrease of demand for mercury, Nomura Mining Co., Ltd. was forced to close down.

In 1973, after Nomura Mining was dissolved, Nomura Kohsan took over the technology and the site of operation, and established a company now known as Nomura Kohsan. With mercury detoxifying and recycling facilities, Nomura Kohsan is the only company in Japan that has specialized in matters pertaining to various types of mercury wastes. Our work areas cover a wide range of mercury waste-related activities that are not just limited to recycling. Since April 2001, we established a dioxin measuring business after merging with our subsidiary, Yamato Metal Mining Co., Ltd.

Furthermore, Nomura Kohsan has embarked on new international engagements. In early 2014, we have formally joined two areas of the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership and have also signed a bilateral memorandum of understanding with UNIDO.

With our years of experience in the field of mercury waste, we believe that we will continue to bring useful skills to the table— both in responding to domestic mercury concerns as well as providing technological assistance and knowledge to parties of the Minamata Convention on Mercury in the near future.



  • Collection, transportation and disposal of municipal and industrial waste which contains mercury;
  • Municipal and industrial waste recycling, including the production and sales of raw material for fertilizer, cullet, ingots and others that are derived from such recycled waste;
  • Production and sales of chemical reagents;
  • Measurement certification and analysis business; and
  • Hotel and hot-spring operation and management.



Our plant is located in Japan, however we have imported mercury waste such as fluorescent lamps, HID lamps, batteries, oil sludge, catalysts, etc., from South East Asia. We will extend the markets to other regions based on our mercury recovery and recycling technologies



Nomura Kohsan is the only mercury recycling company in Japan. Also we can process any type of mercury waste. Such company is rare even worldwide.



Head Office: 1-3 Nihonbashi Horidomecho 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Itomuka Plant: 217-1 Fujimi, Rubeshibe-cho Kitami-shi, Hokkaido

Kansai Factory: 2-4-143 Nakajima, Nishi-Yodogawa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka

Others: Sapporo Office, Kansai Office, Yamato Environmental Center,

Shiobetsu Tsurutsuru Onsen (Hot-spring hotel)

The main operations are clustered in Hokkaido, because a mercury mine had once existed there. In 1970 we stopped mining mercury and redirected the business towards recycling, based on the refining technology developed through mining.


Competitive Advantages

Our definitive strength is to be fully equipped with the mercury recovery and recycling technologies we inherited from our predecessor, which was a mercury mining company. We have refined these technologies since then, while giving appropriate consideration to local communities (e.g., environmental protection, information disclosure). We have established strong mutual trust with these communities and residents in neighboring areas. Our lines of business now consist of the treatment and disposal of various kinds of wastes including mercury-containing leftovers. This is done by taking advantage of the years of experience and insight we have accumulated in the field. Our company also extracts and refines mercury from wastes. We also produce mercury reagents (e.g., mercury chloride, mercury oxide, mercury nitrate, mercuric iodide) and vermilion. We can offer customized products that meet every requirement from the customer.



Representative Director, President: Yasushi Fujiwara

Managing Director: Yutaka Ichihashi

Director: Masami Tanaka

Director: Yasuki Sakamoto



196 (as of April 1, 2017)



In October 2013 the Minamata convention on mercury was adopted and signed. On the momentum we started overseas business and conducted feasibility studies, technology transfer, awareness building and educational activities with support of METI, MOEJ and JICA. The signing day was also commemorative for us to join the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Global Mercury Partnership and to inaugurate MOU with United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to start contributing to the world.




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