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With the motto "Manufacture is a Work of Creation", Nittoku Engineering Co., Ltd. and every member of the company are committed to observing the coexistence of man and machine, industries and global environment, and to striving for the development of innovative business and market, to meet the expectations of the customers.


Business Description

Core Business:
Design and Manufacture of Automated Winding, Assembly, and Testing Machinery.
This is our core business, utilizing all of our knowhow and core technology.

RFID Business:
Design, Manufacture and Sale of IC Tags and Cards
This is the only business that sells a product, and not machinery.

Core Application Business
This department utilizes our core technology of motion control, tension control, handling, and transfer and applies it to areas outside of winding.  For example, Reel to Reel, Roll to Roll, Wire Stranding, Web Handling, etc.



Nittoku Engineering has consistently offered customers (in the field of advanced electronics) cutting-edge of business solutions as a manufacturer of automatic coil winding since our establishment in 1972. Responding to the rapid diversification of products that use our coil winding and component technology, we are committed to continuing to develop innovative products speedily and to contribute to improving the production efficiency of our customer through the high quality and function ability of our products. In addition to coil winding machinery, we are diversifying into a general engineering company that supports the infrastructure of society through a diverse range of areas that use our proprietary coil winding technology such as FA systems and contactless smart cards.



Coil Winding, Assembly, and Testing Machinery, Factory Automation Systems and Solutions, Proof of Concept R&D, Contactless Smart Cards and Coils, Reel to Reel & Roll to Roll Systems, Connector Assembly Machinery, Parts Feeders, and Tensioners



Nittoku is the world’s largest coil winding machine manufacturer by sales volume.



Our main industries as of 2016:

Automobile – EPS, ABS, Fan Motor, Antennae, Sensors, Inductors, Ignition, Relay, Power Seat/Window/Steering, etc)
Communications – Speaker/Receiver, Inductors, VCM, Vibration, Connectors, Transformers
Medical, Transfer, Other – Sensors, Motors, Linear, Servo, Relays, Tags
AV/HA – Motors, Transformers, Compressors,
IC Cards – Cards, Coins, RFID
PC/OA – Motors, Inductors, Transformers
Winding Parts



Urawa Factory: Minami-ku, Saitama City (IC Tag・Card System Manufacturing, Service)        (30 minutes outside Tokyo)


Main Factories (R&D, Design, Production, Sales, Service):
Fukushima Factory : Iino-machi, Fukushima City (Winding M/C, R&D, Manufacturing, Service)
Nagasaki Factory    : Ikeda, Omura City (FA, R&D, Manufacturing, Service)
Suzhou Factory       : Suzhou City, China (Winding M/C, Peripheral M/C, Manufacturing, Service)
Shenzhen Factory   : Shenzhen, China (M/C, Peripheral M/C, Manufacturing, Service)
Europe Factory        : Veit an der Glan, Austria (Winding M/C, Peripheral M/C, Manufacturing, Service)

Micro Factories (R&D, Design, Production, Sales, Service)
Thailand Factory: Ratchathewi, Bangkok,
Singapore Factory: Lower Delta Rd, Singapore

Branch Offices (Sales, Parts, and Service):

USA, Mexico, Brazil, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Malaysia Vietnam, India, Shanghai, Japan


Competitive Advantages

As the world’s largest coil winding machine manufacture, Nittoku is able to leverage over 44 years of coil winding and FA knowhow.  We design precision machinery for all categories of coils, from the smallest inductors and bobbinless coils to large segmented and solid core motors and everything in between.  Our specially developed controller, LITs transfer system, and tensioners, give us the speed, accuracy, and adaptability to provide both standard and custom solutions to our customers manufacturing requirements.


Financial Projection

Current 2017/3 Projection:

  • Sales: 23 Billion Yen
  • Operating Profit: 2.9 Billion Yen (12.6%)
  • Net Profit: 2 Billion Yen
  • Net Income per Share: 110.69

Future Projection over the next few years:

  • Sales: 30 Billion Yen
  • Operating Profit: 4.5 Billion Yen (15%)


Company Goals & Objectives

Nittoku will continue to grow beyond being a coil winding machine maker into a global factory automation maker.  Through shared open innovation, Nittoku will become a center hub for niche Japanese companies with unique technology and integrate these unique processes into automated lines to meet and exceed our customer’s “needs and wants”.

Nittoku will also expand further into new markets such as medical winding and assembly and EV/HEV Motor fully automated lines.



Nittoku Management works under the following philosophy:

  1. From a global point of view
  2. Give shape to customer’s expectation
  3. Provide cutting-edge technology
  4. Contribute to society through innovation



403 (Consolidated: approximately 700)

82% of the 403 Full time employees in Japan are working in the Manufacturing Department.



Important dates in the company’s history that mark its evolution towards the position it is currently in.

Sept. 1972         
Established in Chiba Prefecture. Commenced manufacture and sales of automatic coil winding machines.

Apr. 1974           
Head office and factory relocated to Saitama Prefecture.

Sept. 1978         
Market launch of #130AT, the first generation 5-stage automatic coil winding machine developed in Japan, led to a stellar improvement in corporate performance.

1980 - 1990

Dec. 1980           
Iino factory opened in Iino-machi, Fukushima Prefecture.

Mar. 1981          
Development of model #132-AR, a flyer type CNC automatic coil winding machine. The inclusion of an innovation that facilitates programming with actual data was acclaimed as a cutting edge and revolutionary control enabling the programming of real data.

Apr. 1982           
Development and commercialization of the multi-spindle CNC automatic coil winding NS series. This secured Nittoku an unchallenged position in the global market as a coil winding machine manufacturer with both flyer and spindle system technology.

Oct. 1983            
Osaka office opened (currently, Osaka Branch).

May 1984           
Nagano office opened in Ueda City, Nagano.

Mar. 1986          
Awarded the 16tth Automatic Machinery Development Prize for small and medium-sized companies by the Japan Machinery Development Association for the development of a coil winding factory automation system.

May 1987           
Business base strengthened by the development and sale of the revolutionary AN series that sharply reducing costs and size, and increasing efficiency.

June 1987          
Established NECOA, a joint venture, in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.

Feb. 1988           
Development of adjusting devices, transportation system, substantially expanding the scope of application for automated coil winding.

Jan. 1989            
Registered as an over-the-counter stock with the Japan Securities Dealers Association.

May 1989           
Nagoya office opened (currently Nagoya Branch) in Nagoya.

Oct. 1989            
Singapore Branch opened in Singapore.

1990 - 2000

Apr. 1990           
Equity participation in NECOA, USA, (currently a consolidated subsidiary), making it a subsidiary.

Mar. 1991          
Urawa factory opened in Urawa City, Saitama Prefecture (current address).

Dec. 1991           
Fukushima factory established as the core production system in Iino-machi,

Jul. 1992             
developed a revolutionary and world-first FA controller and next generation coil winding machine.

Apr. 1993           
Established NITTOKU (EUROPE) S.A. (a consolidated subsidiary) in Geneva, Switzerland.

Dec. 1993           
Established NITTOKU HONG KONG Limited (a consolidated subsidiary) in Hong Kong.

Apr. 1994           
Established the Taiwan Branch in Taiwan.

Jul. 1996             
Established S.S. NITTOKU Co. LTD. (a consolidated subsidiary) in Thailand.

Feb. 1998           
Development of revolutionary servomotor tension "STA series "which can get stable tension value in high-speed winding and release it. Quality of winding largely improves.

Jun. 1998            
Malaysian NITTOKU PRECISION company (a consolidated subsidiary).


Apr. 2000           
Established NITTOKU SHANGHAI OFFICE in Shanghai, China.

Oct. 2000            
Established NITTOKU SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. (a consolidated subsidiary) in Singapore.

Aug. 2001           
ISO 9001-1994 certificated (UKAS, RAB).

Sep. 2001           
Established TAIWAN NITTOKU ADVANCED CO.. LTD. (a consolidated subsidiary) in Taiwan.

Jul. 2002        
Established NITTOKU ENGINEERING (SUZHOU) CO., LTD. (a consolidated subsidiary) in China Suzhou.

Apr. 2004       
Spindle direct drive type winding machine, the revolutionary & World-first method developed.

May. 2004      
Established NITTOKU ENGINEERING CZECH BRANCH in Czech Republic.          

Jul. 2004        
Established NITTOKU ENGINEERING (SHENZHEN) LTD. (a consolidated subsidiary) in China Shenzhen.

Aug. 2004      
ISO9001-2000 certificated (UKAS, RAB).

Jun. 2005       
Established FUKUSHIMA MACHINING CENTER in Fukushima.

Jul. 2005        
Established NITTOKU ENGINEERING (SHENZHEN) LTD. (a consolidated subsidiary) in China Shenzhen.

Jul. 2006        
Established FUKUOKA TECHNICAL CENTER in Fukuoka.

Sep. 2006      
Established FUKUI TECHNICAL CENTER in Fukui.

Sep. 2008      
NITTOKU made KOSEI Co. Ltd., a specialized parts feeder maker, a subsidiary.

May. 2009      
Nagano sales office incorporated into Tokyo sales office.

Mar. 2010          
Established Nittoku Korea as a local entity (was Rep. office).

Apr.  2013          
Established Nittoku Nagasaki Factory.

May. 2014          
Made Koide Engineering a Nittoku Subsidiary (currently Nittoku Koide).

May. 2015          
Established a micro factory in Austria.




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