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Corporate Management Vision


By the end of March, 2023, our vision is to become a highly profitable corporation with gross sales of 10 billion yen and ordinary income of 2 billion yen.

To do so, we are to establish the denolo MODEL, which is the ultimate contract manufacturing model. We will achieved our objective through the creation of new value and by being the most reliable business partner for our stakeholders.

At the same time, we are to become an original manufacturer, delivering our own products to delight our customers and to create a people-friendly denolo BRAND.

Simultaneously, the denolo SHIP is there to support the self-development of our employees by continously allowing them to challenge themselves and to pursue their dreams.

By the time our vision is achieved, all DENOLO employees, together with their family members, will be filled with excitement, gratitude and satisfaction, which is the success model of any company.



Business Description

■Manufacture of various plastic parts/components

Manufacture of precision industrial parts used for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, electric / electronic equipment, medical device, aircraft and etc.

■Manufacture and sale of medical devices and healthcare products

*Government approved licensee of manufacturing and selling “Level One” medical devices.




Fujiplastic Co. Ltd. was founded in Komaki, Aichi prefecture on June 10, 1970.

The start of the business was to manufacture and supply wind shields and windows for the first domestically-produced commercial aircraft, the YS-11.

With the experience acquired in the technological fields of plastics precision processing, high quality and complex functionality of products, and manufacturing system to produce small quantity, the company advanced into the field of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and medical equipment.

In 2002, a new corporate vision for management is established: to develop our own products for consumers.

In 2008, the company was rebranded as Fujidenolo Co. Ltd.

In 2014, we developed and released our Ferromagnetic Material Detector for MRI Safety, MAGGUARD-S (stand type), followed by MAGGUARD-W (wall mounted type) and MAGGUARD-H (hand held type).



 [MAGGUARD] is our self-developed Ferromagnetic Material Detector (FMD) to contribute to MRI Safety.

Powered by our newly developed super sensitive sensors (iMus sensor), Magguard detects any sized ferromagnetic objects, which should not be brought into MRI rooms, alerts with LED flashes and alarm.

・MAGGUARD-S(stand type)

No installation required, can be placed any location outside of MRI room.

・MAGGUARD-W(wall mounted type)

Space saving even in a narrow aisle.

・MAGGUARD-H(hand held type)

For screening of patients who are on [MRI Safe] marked wheelchairs and stretchers.


Stress free DICOM server and web viewer.

[Comilu for histamine]

Histamine censer to check freshness of food.





Competitive Advantages

Being strongly conscious of "Market-in" (market information). Our producing engineer directly interview our customers and are able to learn the needs and desires of our clients.  It is therefore possible to provide products that can meet these needs by understanding the true voice of the market, and commercializing it.


Financial Projection / Employees



In 2002, we created a new management philosophy and management vision. We decided to switch to a vision management with the theme of "Pursuing human possibilities", and decided to "Become a manufacturer offering useful products to the world".





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