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1.Providing products that chart the leading edges of technology and gain the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

2.Aiming to be a company that conserves the global environment and that contributes to and is trusted by society.

3.Working towards fostering an environment that challenges the highest ambitions and harmonizes corporate development with individual growth.


Business Description(事業説明)

Production foothold: Japan, China, and Indonesia Mexico

The main product: Engine valve (Solid Valve.Stem Hollow Valve. Head Hollow Valve.).

The main customer: The car, two wheels, the ship, and the farming machine, etc. include many things.



1951 Sonoike Valve Co., Ltd. was founded in Shinagawa-ward, Tokyo to manufacture and sell engine valves

1952 The name was changed to Fuji Valve Co., Ltd. A plant in Ota-ward, Tokyo was completed and began its operation.

1953 Daido Steel Co., Ltd. invested additional capital.

1960 A technical agreement (engine valves) was signed with TRW Inc. of the United States.

1992 The company's name was changed from Fuji Valve Co., Ltd to FUJI OOZX Inc.

1994 The company rose to the Second Division of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

2010 Established Fuji Valve (Guangzhou) Co., a joint venture company formed by FUJI OOZX,TRW Inc. and Shin Han Valve Ind. Co., Ltd., in China. (Guangzhou).

2013 Established PT. Fuji OOZX INDONESIA, a joint venture company formed by FUJI OOZXand PT. Prospect Motor in Indonesia (Jawa Barat).

2014 Established FUJI OOZX MEXICO, S.A. DE C.V., a joint venture company formed by FUJI OOZXand Daido Kogyo Co., Ltd. In Mexico (Guanajuato).

2015 Dissolved Technical agreement (engine valve) between TRW Inc. of the United States.

 Established FUJI OOZX AMERICA Inc., a sales company fully funded by OOZX in the United States (Texas)

2016 Established FUJI HOLLOW VALVE INC., a joint venture company formed by FUJI OOZX INC. and MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES MACHINE TOOLS Co., Ltd., KIKUGAWA city of SHIZUOKA prefecture.



The share of the engine valve for the car in Japan accounts for 38%.

Especially “head hollow valve” has a unique and independent machining process.

These valves are highly evaluated by not only Japanese customers but also adopted for Daimler/Mercedes Benz Cars



Japan, China, and Indonesia Mexico have the production foothold, and a global system of the supply is possessed.

The sales base can be taken a stance in 2 places in United States Germany, and it correspond globally.



The share of 38% is possessed, and it becomes a location of the leading company of the engine valve when putting it within the country. It is a schedule of the expansion when the future as for the share in foreign countries.



・FUJI OOZX Shizuoka Plant (headquarters)

1500-60, Misawa, Kikugawa, Shizuoka, 439-0023, Japan

・Fuji Valve (Guangdong) Corporation (Subsidiary)

Fiez , NO.6 Yinhai Road Nanhai ECO – Industrial Park,Danzao, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong,



 Kawasan Industri Mitrakrawang DesaParungmulya, Kec. Camped Karawang,41361,


・FUJI OOZX MEXICO, S.A. DE C.V.(Subsidiary)

 Av.Mina de Guadalupe No.902 Parque Industrial Santa Fe Ⅳ, SILAO,GT 36275, Mexico

・FUJI OOZX AMERICA(Subsidiary);sales office

 1111 Plaza Drive, Suite 740, Shaumberg, IL 6173

・FUJI OOZX Inc. Europe Representative Office

 Leitzstrasse 45, 70469 Stuttgart, Germany


Competitive Advantages(競争優位性)

Our superiority is consistent manufacturing process from material to finished product.

It is concretely a production quality by the design of the production facility in the proposal, development, and the company's in-house development of the material along needs from the customer that exceeds 65 years.

It is thought that these services contributes to the customer reliability improvement.


Financial Projection(財務管理)

It is thought generally that sales are the expanding directions from beginning also dealings with not only a domestic customer but also an overseas customer in the future.


Company Goals & Objectives(目標)

It aims at the world share 10% acquisition of the engine valve for the car by long-term vision's "Global 10" that makes fiscal year 2020 achievement.



To attempt the activation of the discussion about Managing Board and strengthening the supervisory function in June, 2016, the number of directors has been reduced.

We also introduced an executive officer system to ensure transparency in management and speed up decision-making.







America :2


(Number of workers, at the time of, November 30, 2017)



It is a turning point of an overseas strategy to judge that it is the best to construct a global system for oneself and for oneself because our company grows up further in the world market, and to have dissolved business partnership with TRW Group. in 2015 for our company.

And we Integrated engine valve business with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (MAT) in 2016.


Other Notes(その他)

Full hollow valves are the world's best technology.that it is a technology at first used for the aircraft, and is the international patent.

Our greatest dream is to be pleased with our customers by using Full hollow valves produced using this technology.




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