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Business Description

The company conducts industrial waste processing and resource recycling through a nationwide network.

Industrial development has brought various types of pollution, prompted environmental problems and given rise to social issues. Upon its establishment in 1958, Daiseki commenced the production of lubricating oil and reclamation of waste oil. Since acquiring an industrial waste processing business license from the Nagoya municipal government in 1972, Daiseki has striven continuously to address severe environmental issues.

Daiseki has advanced its business by setting up the Hokuriku, Kansai, Kyushu, Kanto and Chiba works. Daiseki also strives to improve the global environment through resource analysis, environmental maintenance, construction and soil remediation.



After World War II, the Company commenced the refining of oils and fats, beginning with the production of canola oil.
When the Korean War broke out in 1950, a surge in automobile production boosted demand for oil and gasoline. Leveraging our understanding of oil qualities and our sales expertise, we moved into the business of petroleum sales.
As part of these activities, we embarked on the business of recycled oil products, reusing waste oil in lubricating oil and metal-working lubricants.



Sincere and responsible action is our key mantra.

The Ethical Charter of Daiseki provides a basic set of policy guidelines to ensure that sincere and responsible action by every employee goes toward making our company a reliable member of society and a trustworthy partner for our customers.

  1. Social Role and Responsibility
    We clearly understand our social role and responsibilities as a company that treats industrial waste. To be worthy of society’s trust, we constantly strive to conduct our business in a transparent, appropriate and accountable manner.
  2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations 
    We comply strictly with all laws and regulations and promote appropriate, sincere and fair business.
  3. Respect for Human Rights and Promotion of Progressive Ideals
    We respect human rights and promote progressive ideals.



(Consolidated) 834, (Non-Consolidated) 578 (as of February 29, 2016)


Other Notes

Basic Principles

By concentrating on ideas, plans, structures and actions, Daiseki strives to prevent environmental pollution and create a cleaner environment through advanced technology, as well as taking every opportunity to recycle resources.

Basic Policy

Daiseki is engaged in the collection, transport and intermediate treatment of industrial waste and the manufacture and sale of petroleum products such as concrete mold lubricant and industrial lubrication oil.
Our policies are as follows:

  1. Aim to save limited resources and energy as well as pursue waste minimization throughout our corporate activities
  2. Continually advance technology related to intermediate treatment and recycling to better contribute to a recycling‐oriented society
  3. Strive to make the intermediate treatment and transport of waste materials more effective and safer; reduce the environmental impact of our activities; and prevent environmental pollution
  4. Comply with all relevant laws and other standards concerning the environment

We are committed to the environmental objectives and targets indicated above and review them periodically with the aim of continual improvement.




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