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  • Vision

   Smart Security and Connectivity for Smart Cities

  • Mission

Globalization: To establish 5,000 smart security sites within 5 years

Technology: To deliver leading intelligent security solutions and advanced wireless connectivity



Established since 1997, Concorde has been operating as a man-guarding service provider till 2014 when it transformed into becoming a technology solution provider.  It launched its first Intelligent Guarding or I-GuardingTM solution in 2015.



Concorde is disrupting the global Security Industry with its I-GuardingTM suite of solutions.  Its first solution launched in 2015 called I-Man Facility Sprinter (IFS), utilizes an Innovative Clustering Service Model to provide a more comprehensive security service to business property owners at a much lower cost distinguishing itself from outdated manpower-based solutions.  Buyers share the service of a first responder specialist team operating on the IFS, a mobile command center supported by multiple neighboring IFS thus offering redundancies.  It receives real-time alerts through security infrastructure and sensors built around the cluster of buildings it secures.

This bold and disruptive business model has earned the Company numerous major awards for innovations including the National Infocomm Awards conferred by Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority in 2016.

Since the business model changes the way security service is being delivered Concorde is also acknowledged for its efforts in spearheading industry change for security workforce with the honor of being the only privately owned company to be featured during the Security Industry Transformation Launch by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Singapore in February 2018.

Concorde has launched its second of its “I-GuardingTM” solution called I-MAN Access Control System (IMACS) which will further revolutionize the Security Industry globally.



Concorde has acquired an impressive and growing list of clients in Singapore for its IFS solution.  It is presently expanding into major urban centres in key developed countries including United Kingdom and the United States.

With the launch of its second I-GuardingTM solution, it will further entrench the Company as the leader in the transformation of the physical security industry.



Concorde operates in the man-guarding industry that is excessively manpower reliant.  The Company distinguishes itself from the rest by offering a man-lite business model that is more secure and reliable that conventional man-guard.

It utilizes integrated technology solutions to deliver the security outcomes while the rest still use “men on foot” to deliver the “service”.



Concorde is headquartered in Singapore with presence already established in the United Kingdom.  It has recently launched a collaboration with Amulet, the security division of Churchill Contract Services Ltd, a major UK company to market Concorde’s solutions in the country.

Furthermore, Concorde is leading an industry effort with major global security companies to form an I-Guarding Global Alliance that will eventually lead to a new trade association that represents common interest in promoting and accelerating the adoption of smart technologies and solutions for safety and security to individuals, enterprises and the communities in Smart Cities.


Competitive Advantages

Concorde has first-mover advantage over the rest in adoption of smart technologies in delivering security service.

All of Concorde’s I-GuardingTM solutions are either patented or patent pending in most major countries around the world.


Financial Projection

The Company has grown from securing just two buildings in 2015 to hundreds of buildings presently with five IFS vehicles.  It intends to secure the whole of Singapore with thirty to fifty IFS vehicles and provide thousands of new job opportunities that are of higher pay and more IT savvy.


Company Goals & Objectives

Concorde’s commercial goal is to establish itself as the global leader in delivering smart technologies for security and facilities.   It will have offices and collaborative partnership across the major urban centers worldwide.



The Company is founded and led by Mr. Alan Chua, a locally born Singaporean.   Alan is also the inventor of Concorde’s various I-GuardingTM solutions.

He has built up an enterprising team of professionals with background in technologies, finance and international expansions to help the Company grow.



  • First I-GuardingTM solution, I-Man Facility Sprinter (IFS) officially launched on 1st October 2015 in Singapore
  • Version 5 of I-Man Facility Sprinter launched on 3rd May 2017 in Singapore
  • Concorde Security Robot – Adam 17 soft-launched on 3rd May 2017 in Singapore
  • Version 6 of I-Man Facility Sprinter launched  on 20th June 2017 in United Kingdom
  • Launch of collaboration in the United Kingdom on 18th September 2018
  • Signing of I-Guarding Global Alliance on 3rd October 2018 in Singapore
  • Launch of second I-GuardingTM solution, I-Man Access Control System (IMACS) on 3rd October 2018 in Singapore
  • Major Awards:
    • Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2017 (Association of Small & Medium Enterprises & Rotary Club Singapore)
    • National Infocomm Awards 2016 – Most Innovative Use of Infocomm Technology (Private Sector – SME): Winner
    • Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards 2015 (Security Category)
    • SiTF Awards 2015 - Best Innovative Use of Infocomm Technology (Private Sector)
    • May Day Model Partnership Award 2015 (National Trade Union Congress)
    • Business Innovation Awards 2014 (Singapore Manufacturing Federation)





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