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Human respect

Asanuma’s every employee works with respect for each other, regardless of position. We recognize that our experience, achievements, knowledge, and character are the result of our joint efforts.

Technology-based company

  Asanuma’s every division bases its activities on technology. We constantly strive to develop new original technologies, which the company as a whole draws on to conduct sales activities.

Coexistence & co-prosperit

Asanuma’s every workplace puts in efforts to acquire resources, which the company in turn shares with all its employees and all those who support the company so that we may prosper together


Business Description

We manufacture items from makeup to skin care for major cosmetic manufacturers in Europe, America, China, Asia, and Japan as OEM / ODM of cosmetics.



1947 Asanuma Takeo Shoten established in Kashiwagicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo.

1952 Company reorganized as Asanuma Shoten Co., Ltd.

1954 Company head office moves to Tadacho, Nakano, Tokyo (present day Minamidai, Nakano).

1957 Sakaecho factory (former Nakano factory) established in Sakaecho, Nakano, Tokyo (present day Minamidai, Nakano). Set up to manage mass production of all make-up products.

1966 Sagamihara factory established in Hashimoto, Sagamihara, Kanagawa (present day Nishi-Hashimoto, Sagamihara).

1990 Make-up research center moved from within the Sagamihara factory to a new location in Nishi-Hashimoto.

1990 Masaumi Asanuma appointed as president.

1995 Company renamed Asanuma Corporation Co., Ltd.

1997 Nakatsu factory established in Nakatsu, Aikawacho, Aiko-gun, Kanagawa.

1998 New research wing added to the research and development center.

2003 Second Sagamihara factory established in Shimokuzawa, Sagamihara.

2003 Nakano factory fully converted into base make-up production factory.

2007 New wing of Sagamihara factory is completed.

2007 Shanghai Asanuma Cosmetics Co., Ltd established in Shanghai, China.

2015 Third Sagamihara factory established in Shimokuzawa, Midori-ku, Sagamihara-shi.

2017 Cosmetics laboratory established in Hashimotodai, Midori-ku, Sagamihara-shi.



As an OEM/ODM partner, Asanuma provides one-stop services ranging from concept planning to package design and manufacture for new products. By being involved in a project from the early stages, we will support all phases of the development process, including R&D and manufacturing of the product itself, and also the planning, design, and manufacture of the container and outer packaging—elements that determine the image of the product.



Make-up products      

    powder foundation / liquid foundation / face powder / eye color / eye liner / eye brow /

    mascara /  lip stick / nail color

Skincare products

   lotion / emulsion / essence / cream / cleansing /face mask



Manufacturer of Cosmetics

Asanuma Corporation is a safe, reliable, high quality Japanese cosmetic manufacturer.



Head Office   37-19 3-chome, Minamidai, Nakano, Tokyo  Japan

Product Development Center : Nakano, Tokyo  Japan

Cosmetics Laboratory : Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa  Japan

4 Factories in Sagamihara : Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa  Japan

Shanghai ASANUMA Cosmetics : Shanghai, China


Competitive Advantages

Asanuma Corporation has always progressed in line with its R&D.

We push forward with speedy R&D so as to meet customer needs swiftly and propose new types of products ahead of time. We place a particularly strong emphasis on core technologies, which are the foundation of product development. This often involves designing the formula and the container together, as a single project, as they are inseparably linked. The following is an  introduction to some of our leading technologies.

1 Nano-order color dispersion technology (Eyeliner, mascara, and other liquid products)

   Asanuma’ s dispersion technology reduces pigment down to the nano-order, retaining its original color and long-term stability. We combine this with containers developed in-house and new film formers jointly developed with customer manufacturers to create new products with improved functions.

2 Injection molding technology (Foundation, eye shadow, and other powder products)

   Asanuma uses a new wet process injection molding technique to develop complex designs such as multicolor, straight line, or curving line products. The filling device we developed in-house can be programmed to control the injection volume and movement time of several nozzles tips simultaneously.

Asanuma also uses injection core molding technology (for twist-out pencil-type products) and toning technology (for glittery and pearly products). In recent years we have been focusing on the development of concept products (preservative free) as well as concept materials (organic).


Financial Projection

Projection for the FY2017 (unit: billion yen)

Consolidated net sales: 11.6


Company Goals & Objectives

Asanuma Corporation is working on three aspects: product innovation, process innovation and sales innovation. We aim to become a fine cosmetic company that creates and provides "formative beauty" in which color and packaging are integrated, with make-up products as core products. Our long-term goal is to achieve total sales of 20 billion yen in group in 2024.



Consolidated number of employees 420 (as of 2017)



We constructed a new laboratory in Sagamihara in 2017 and established a system that allows the latest and highest level of research and development from skincare to make-up.


Other Notes




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