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Dear Visitor, we are pleased you visit our website and would like to invite you to browse through it. If you are looking for a reliable, safety- and quality-oriented contractor, Albo Aruba N.V. is the right company for you.

"Projects are invariably completed at a high quality, safely, in time and within the budget" is the motto we stand for. Learn more about Albo Aruba N.V. in our 'Solutions' and 'Organization' sections.

Specifically, I would like to invite you to browse through our 'Project List'. There you will find our clients and highlights on various projects.

We are proud to show our work and hope to convince you that what we say is what we do and what we do is what we say! We build to perfection. For any inquiries on how we may be able to help you with your next project click on the "Contact" link.

We hope to hear from you soon!

History and foundation
The construction company Albo Aruba N.V. was founded by the construction combination "Albo Bonaire N.V. / Bonbocemi N.V." Both companies had been operating in Bonaire for years. In 1979, aforementioned construction combination obtained the building contract for the "Hotelvakschool Aruba" [Hospitality Trade School Aruba], presently known as "Bushiri Beach Resort".

To cover the Aruban construction market in its entirety by an enterprise domiciled on Aruba and operating completely independently, Albo Bonaire N.V. and Bonbocemi N.V. founded Albo Aruba N.V. in 1980. In the year 1986, the shareholders transferred the shares of Albo Aruba N.V. to an Aruban holding company by the name of "Albo Holding Company N.V."

As a result of the dedication of many people, Albo Aruba N.V. has developed into one of the leading all-round construction companies on Aruba.

Our motto is: "Projects are invariably completed at a high quality, safely, in time and within the budget".

To complete a project in time in a small country like Aruba is no simple matter. Albo Aruba N.V. is dependent mostly on foreign suppliers, shipping companies, etc. for the supply of its materials. Therefore, the company pays close attention to logistics and the preparation of a project. As a result of this, it hardly occurs that one has to wait for materials or parts of equipment.

Over the years, Albo Aruba N.V. has built a complete network of reliable suppliers in America as well as in Europe. In addition, Albo Aruba N.V. disposes of an ample stock of basic materials.

Throughout the years, Albo Aruba N.V. has proven its ability to deliver various types of projects to clients within the stipulated time frame, while continuously thinking along with the client in order to try to stay within the budget.

Address: Barcadera 122 Oranjestad, Aruba
Phone number: +297 528 5808
Fax: +297 585 3766
Web: http://www.alboaruba.com




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