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Thai Airways

Thailand 4.0 lays new runway for take off of aviation industry

Photo: Anna Zvereva

Thailand has high hopes to become the premier tourism and business destination in the fast-growing ASEAN region. The government’s strategy, “Thailand... Mar 21, 2018

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Japan’s investment in Thailand

Japan supports Thailand 4.0

Credit: Denis Todorut

As the Thai economy continues to evolve, so too is investment coming from Japan, which sees Thailand as the ideal gateway to the growing ASEAN region

Mar 20, 2018

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Thailand

Sosei World Co., Japan

Sosei Water: an answer to fracking concerns?

An environmentally minded Japanese company has developed a special water with unique properties that allow it to be used to power engines and even as... Jan 24, 2018

Energy | Asia-Pacific | Japan

iREX, Nov 29 - Dec 2, 2017

‘Come and explore how we can shape the future together’

Mr. Yasuhiko Hashimoto, Chairman of iREX 2017 and Managing Executive Officer of Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ Robotics Division

Mr. Yasuhiko Hashimoto, Chairman of iREX 2017 and Managing Executive Officer of Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ Robotics Division, speaks with The... Nov 29, 2017

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Discover Japan

Off the beaten track: there is so much more than Tokyo

Red-bibbed Jizo statues in Nikko National Park

Beyond the bright lights of Tokyo, Japan offers a feast of cultural, natural and gastronomic wonders to enliven the senses, such as Ise-Shima National... Aug 31, 2017

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The New Japan

Tourism: the new engine for growth

Mount Fuji is one of Japan’s most popular tourist attractions

With the goal of drawing 20 million inbound tourists annually by 2020 within reach four years ahead of schedule, the government doubled the target to... Aug 29, 2017

Tourism & Culture | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Building the ‘New Balis’

10 Priority Destinations

The government has outlined 10 strategic locations and attractions which will be the basis for the “new Balis”.

Aug 28, 2017

Tourism & Culture | Asia-Pacific | Indonesia

Regional Revitalization

Regional revitalization, the backbone of sustainable growth in Japan

Revitalization is imperative in many of Japan’s regions, which are suffering the impact of an aging population and the mass exodus of youth to major urban centers

A rapidly aging population has particularly damaging effects on rural economies. Japan’s youth are flocking to the country’s major urban... Sep 25, 2017

Science & Technology | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Japan Monetary Policy

BOJ’s negative interest rate to promote banking consolidation and diversification

It remains to be seen if the Bank of Japan’s move will pay off, but results elsewhere have been encouraging

The Bank of Japan’s unprecedented cut of interest rate down to negative territory aims at ending Japan’s chronic deflationary pressure.... Aug 23, 2017

Finance | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Tourism in Indonesia

Setting the stage for 20 million tourists by 2019

Arief Yahya, Minister of Tourism

Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism is committed to doubling tourist numbers over the next three years. This will be achieved by improving infrastructure... Aug 22, 2017

Tourism & Culture | Asia-Pacific | Indonesia

Japan Goes Global

The rebirth of Japan Inc.

Prime Minister Abe is pushing forward policies in an effort to open up the country’s economy to the global market. Japan Inc. is following suit... Aug 21, 2017

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Facilitating Business in Indonesia

Economic reforms grow key sectors, increase investment

Faced with challenging global economic conditions, Indonesia is improving the ease of doing business, attracting cash inflows and wooing investors,... Aug 18, 2017

Government | Asia-Pacific | Indonesia

Building innovation

Kan Kudo
President & CEO of Kobelco Engineered Construction Materials Co., Ltd.

The Worldfoilo sits down with Kan Kudo to discuss disaster prevention building construction... Apr 11, 2018

Quality and innovation: the proof is in the paper

Yasuhiro Miki
President of Awa Paper & Technological Company

The Worldfolio sits down with Yasuhiro Miki to discuss his company’s century-long... Apr 05, 2018

Higashi Nippon International University looks to welcome more international students

Sakuji Yoshimura
President of the Higashi Nippon International University

Sakuji Yoshimura speaks about the internationalization of Japanese education, and the courses... Apr 04, 2018

Forging success

Koichi Sakaguchi
President of Ohmi Press Works and Forging

An interview with Koichi Sakaguchi, President of forging company Ohmi Press Works and Forging.


Mar 23, 2018

‘The ability to communicate within different contexts is crucial to the development of Japanese education’

Yoshimasa Hayashi
Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology

Japan is trying to internationalize and adapt to a more globalized world, and crucial to... Mar 22, 2018

‘Japanese investment is an investment of quality’

H.E. Sontirat Sontijirawong
Minister of Commerce of Thailand

The Worldfolio sits down with Thailand’s Minister of Commerce Sontirat Sontijirawong... Mar 20, 2018

Thailand aims to become aviation hub for high-flying Asia-Pacific region

Mrs. Usanee Sangsingkeo
Acting President of Thai Airways

Mrs. Usanee Sangsingkeo, Acting President of Thai Airways, discusses the phenomenal growth... Mar 20, 2018

A pioneer of next generation materials

Mr. Shinji Goto
President of Nippon Tungsten Co., Ltd.

Since its foundation in 1931, Nippon Tungsten Co., Ltd. has been supporting the advanced... Mar 13, 2018

‘Our products have great performance unmatched by our competitors’

Mr. Norio Okubo
President of Ohishi Sangyo

Mr. Norio Okubo, president of packaging company Ohishi Sangyo discusses his company’s... Mar 13, 2018

Okabe sets the wheels in motion in China

Makoto Hirowatari
President of Okabe

A manufacturer of high-quality, high-performance and environmentally friendly metal fasteners... Mar 09, 2018

The business of beauty

Hidetaka Yoshikawa
Chairman and CEO of Takara Belmont

We speak to Hidetaka Yoshikawa, Chairman and CEO of Takara Belmont, about his company’s... Mar 08, 2018

In the business of heightening the senses

President & CEO of TAKASAGO International Corporation

The Worldfolio sits down with CEO, Satoshi MASUMURA, to discuss his company, Takasago International... Mar 08, 2018

Science, the nucleus of industry: a “twin-core” strategy for growth

Mr. Gon-emon KURIHARA
President of JEOL

With a global presence and almost 3,000 employees, JOEL is a manufacturer of scientific... Mar 08, 2018

Japan’s most international university

Mr. Deguchi Haruaki
President of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)

A small university with a grand vision, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) aims to... Mar 07, 2018

University builds true global citizens with a multipronged internationalization strategy

Mr. Kenji Yokoyama
Vice President of APU

Mr. Kenji Yokoyama, Vice President of APU, and Mr. Yuichi Kondo, Dean of APU, explain how... Mar 07, 2018

‘Our goal is to be one of the top ten technical universities in Asia by 2027’

Masato Murukami
President of the Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT)

Masato Murukami, President of the Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT), discusses the... Mar 07, 2018

Behind successful building projects are the machines that are built to last

Mr. Kotaro Hirano
CEO of Hitachi Construction Machinery

Kotaro Hirano, CEO of Hitachi Construction Machinery, discusses the company’s worldwide... Feb 06, 2018

Neuron branches out

Shinichi Iwamoto, President of Neuron Japan Co.
President of Neuron Japan Co

The Worldfolio sat down to discuss the operations of joint and pipe manufacturer Neuron,... Feb 05, 2018

Innovative materials to lead transformative trends in automotive, civil engineering and semiconductor industries

Kazushi Abe, President of Elastomix Co., Ltd.
President of Elastomix Co., Ltd.

Elastomix president Kazushi Abe talks to The Worldfolio about the unique know-how and technology... Feb 05, 2018

Exploring new ground

Raito Kogyo
President of Kazuo Suzuki

Civil engineering firm Raito Kogyo, whose main business is in slope protection and stabilization,... Feb 01, 2018

‘Our goal is to endlessly create key technologies in the field of ICT’

Ryuichi Oka
President of the Univeristy of Aizu

The Worldfolio sat down with Ryuichi Oka, President of the University of Aizu, to discuss... Jan 31, 2018



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