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The National ICT Plan 2015

Forward-thinking policies catapult country as regional ICT leader

The National ICT Plan 2015 has led to remarkable gains for the country’s ICT sector, highlighted by huge investment from industry giants Vodafone

Apr 25, 2016

Telecoms & ICT | Middle East | Qatar

The future of ICT

A world of opportunities & risks

While the potential of ICT for transforming the world is virtually as limitless as the Internet itself, the emerging digital economy and the Internet of Everything do not come without their perils.

Over the past three decades, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has changed the way we work, shop, read, travel and how we spend our money.... Apr 18, 2016

Telecoms & ICT | South America | Middle East | Qatar | Colombia

Cyprus Online Gaming

More than just games

Victor Kislyi, Co - Founder and CEO of Wargaming

Wargaming co-founder and CEO Victor Kislyi discusses why the award-winning online game developer, publisher and industry leader chose Cyprus as a base... Apr 10, 2016

Telecoms & ICT | Europe | Cyprus

4G deployment in Angola

ICT pioneers advance infrastructure to double trans-continental data capacity

Angola currently has around 14 million mobile network subscribers, 3 million internet users, and infrastructure ready for new demand

Angola is still far from achieving nationwide mobile coverage, yet what it has achieved thus far in ICT has been done ahead of many developed countries... Mar 27, 2016

Telecoms & ICT | Africa | Angola

Our goal is to become the best educated country in Latin America by 2025

Government lays foundations for an educated and connected society

President Santos’ administration looks to build a fully fuctional digital ecosystem while improving access to and quality of education from primary... Mar 20, 2016

Telecoms & ICT | Education | South America | Colombia

Business and logistics hub

Public-private partnerships key to creation of world-class business and logistics centre

Marios Demetriades, Minister of Transport, Communication and Works

The government is working closely with private firms in the transport and communications sectors to turn well-positioned Cyprus into a competitive business... Mar 15, 2016

Infrastructure | Telecoms & ICT | Europe | Cyprus

“The smartest city in Latin America”

El Litoral goes digital to get smart

ESPOL polytechnic has become one of Latin America’s top colleges, where teaching and research are uniquely conjoined

With Guayaquil on course to becoming “the smartest city in Latin America” thanks to companies like Telconet, ESPOL polytechnic is churning... Mar 14, 2016

Telecoms & ICT | South America | Ecuador

TGAIS 2015: Corporate Africa

Africa’s corporations look to build infrastructure for the future

Countries across the continent are emphasizing international partnerships, global capital markets and projects that target strategic areas for development, particularly SMEs

Governments partner with private sector on long-term strategic projects.


Nov 17, 2015

Finance | Infrastructure | Telecoms & ICT | Industry & Trade | Agriculture | Africa | Egypt

Sudan ICT

The first Arab country to privatize its ICT industry

ICT-Telecoms revolution has contributed to Sudan’s growth

When Sudan liberalized its telecoms industry in 1993, it made history by becoming the first Arab country to do so. Since then, the ICT-Telecoms revolution... Jul 22, 2015

Telecoms & ICT | Africa | Sudan

Expanding Telecoms

Telecoms to grow 3 per cent annually to $18.7 billion by 2019

Telecoms are expanding and Saudi Arabia is already among the top three countries in the world for data connectivity per person

The Saudi Arabian telecoms market was worth $16.2 billion as of 2014 and not only is it the largest in the MENA region, but the kingdom also has the... Jun 26, 2015

Telecoms & ICT | Middle East | Saudi Arabia

ICT in Sudan

The first Arab country to privatize its ICT industry

When Sudan liberalized its telecoms industry in 1993, it made history by becoming the first Arab country to do so. Since then, the ICT-Telecoms revolution... Jun 03, 2015

Telecoms & ICT | Africa | Sudan

Communications in the Congo

ICT sector ready for the next step

The Republic of the Congo has four main mobile network companies, but the sector is now preparing to extend communications networks across the country

May 21, 2015

Telecoms & ICT | Africa | Republic of Congo

Antel puts Uruguay ahead in ICT

Horacio Andrés Tolosa Barla
President of Antel

By investing heavily in boosting home connectivity, 4G mobile services and fiber-optic reach,... Nov 21, 2016

First-mover content creator has VR in its sights

Naruatsu Baba
President & CEO of Colopl, Inc.

Launched in 2008, Colopl, Inc. is now one of Japan’s largest mobile game developers... Nov 09, 2016

Interoperable platform developer attracts the eye of the informed observer

Jean-Claude Gaga
CEO of RSwitch

Synergistic collaborations between Rwanda’s public and private sectors in its ICT... Oct 28, 2016

Connect to Africa’s digital future

Sam K. Nkusi
Group Executive East Africa for Liquid Telecom Group & Chairman of Liquid Telecom Rwanda

You have to embrace change with innovation – that is why Liquid Telecom is Africa’s... Oct 27, 2016

Content pushes technology in the quest for new gaming experiences

Yosuke Matsuda
President & Representative Director of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.

Video game developer, publisher and distributor Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. is best known... Oct 05, 2016

Collaborations to accelerate IoT development

Kenji Miura
President of Systena Corporation

Kenji Miura, president of IT solutions designer and developer Systena Corporation, looks... Oct 03, 2016

Smart gaming on the go

Tetsuya Sanada
President & CEO of KLab Inc.

Social mobile online game designer and developer KLab Inc. has set up offices in Manila,... Sep 13, 2016

Airtel builds data & human capital in Rwanda

Michael Niiboye Adjei
Managing Director of Airtel Rwanda

From its focus on human resources and community-based social programs to its pledge to deliver... Aug 30, 2016

Pioneering partnerships raise ICT bar

Jean Philbert Nsengimana
Minister of Youth & ICT

Advances in ICT are having an undeniable impact on Rwandans’ lives, particularly in... Aug 11, 2016

CSR impact & partnerships heat up East African ICT hotspot

Philip Amoateng
CEO of Tigo Rwanda

The first company on Africa’s mainland to offer a 3G network and the first telecom... Aug 10, 2016

DG nails entrepreneurial spirit of the internet

Kaoru Hayashi
President & Group CEO of Digital Garage, Inc.

Over the past 21 years, Digital Garage (DG) has pioneered many firsts in internet-based... Jun 13, 2016

Phase 1A of tech city ready for development

John Tanui
CEO of the Konza Technopolis Development Authority

The first country in the region to set up a smart city, Konza Techno City, Kenya is way... May 30, 2016

IoT, innovation & information crucial to future quality of life

Adrio de Carolis
Entrepreneur & CEO of SWG

Adrio de Carolis is well known as Italy’s guru of the digital economy, confirmed back... Apr 27, 2016

Background music leader launches first pod hotel

Kimimasa Tamura
President of the USEN Corporation

One of the leading Japanese providers of broadcasting media content, the USEN Corporation... Apr 26, 2016

Japan’s #1 user-focused social network developer eyes expansion

Hiroki Morita
President of Mixi

Launched in 2004, Mixi is Japan’s pioneering social networking service (SNS) and is... Apr 14, 2016

Mobily intensifies commitment to kingdom

Ahmad Farroukh
CEO of Mobily

High spending, tech savvy Saudis have a voracious appetite for mobile data and are currently... Apr 12, 2016

Innovation over regulation enables ICT to thrive

Bob Collymore
CEO of Safaricom

ICT regulators letting “innovation lead, and regulation follow” has created... Mar 23, 2016

GCC number one now eyes new markets

Ibrahim H. Ababtain
Chairman of Al-Babtain Power & Telecommunication Company

Ibrahim H Ababtain, Chairman of Al-Babtain Power & Telecommunication Company, explains... Feb 29, 2016

Potential, quality & skills: Brand India

Subramaniam Ramadorai
Chairman of the National Skill Development Agency

Very few foreign companies have lost money in India; success is inevitable for those looking... Feb 19, 2016

Awards, profits and subscribers call global attention

Andualem Admassie Abate
CEO of Ethio Telecom

Ethio Telecom ranked as the second biggest operator in Africa and 38th in the world, according... Feb 16, 2016

GMO targets #1 ISP slot

Masatoshi Kumagai
Founder & CEO of GMO Internet Group

Over the past 25 years GMO Internet Group has blossomed into Japan’s leading internet... Feb 10, 2016


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