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FDI In Sudan

Foreign investment successes drive Sudan’s development

Oktay Ercan, General Director of Sur International Investment and Chairman of O.E. Group

International firms in Sudan have been central to development over the past decade. Oktay Ercan, whose Sur International Investment is a model of a... Oct 24, 2015

Industry & Trade | Africa | Sudan

Education to development

Investment in education key to development

The University of Khartoum

Sudan is setting out to further increase investment in  its young people

Sep 29, 2015

Education | Africa | Sudan

Investment in Sudan

Sudan makes remarkable progress in growth, stability and making business easier

The Khartoum skyline

Khartoum’s doors open for international investment amidst wealth of opportunities

Sep 25, 2015

Finance | Government | Africa | Sudan

Sudan business women

Queen Bee shows women the way in business

‘Bee Group’'s CEO, Widad Yakoub Ibrahim is one of Sudan’s most influential women.

Having built a highly successful company in ‘Bee Group’, Widad Yakoub Ibrahim is one of Sudan’s most influential women, and has used... Jul 29, 2015

Finance | Energy | Infrastructure | Industry & Trade | Africa | Sudan

Sudan Culture

Use of Arabic cultural arts bring greater peace and understanding

The International Theatre Institute is the world’s largest performing arts organization founded in 1948 by theatre and dance experts.

The UNESCO ‘Artist for Peace’ and ‘Arab Culture Prize’ winner Ali Mahdi has demonstrated that theatre has an invaluable role... Jul 28, 2015

Tourism & Culture | Africa | Sudan

Sudan Energy

A plan to power the country

Sudan is looking to harness the country’s hydropower potential.

Following the Gulf funded extension of the Roseires Dam in 2013, Sudan is further looking to harness the country’s huge hydropower potential in... Jul 27, 2015

Energy | Africa | Sudan

Sudan Logistics

Port Sudan a centre of industry, logistics and export

Port Sudan is Sudan’s overwater link to the Middle East.

Port Sudan – lying on the spectacular Red Sea coast - is a logistics hub that holds a visionary investment park and a key oil refinery,  as... Jul 24, 2015

Energy | Infrastructure | Tourism & Culture | Africa | Sudan

Sudan politics

Sudan pursues ‘good neighbor’ policy

Sudan has extended bridges of communication to all neighboring countries

Sudan’s role within the African and Arab region is steadily rising, as it also pursues greater diplomacy further afield 

Jul 23, 2015

Government | Africa | Sudan

Sudan ICT

The first Arab country to privatize its ICT industry

ICT-Telecoms revolution has contributed to Sudan’s growth

When Sudan liberalized its telecoms industry in 1993, it made history by becoming the first Arab country to do so. Since then, the ICT-Telecoms revolution... Jul 22, 2015

Telecoms & ICT | Africa | Sudan

Sudan Oil

Re-energizing the oil industry

Sudan could soon become one of the largest oil exporters in Africa once again.

With investments returning to Sudan’s oil industry, the country could soon become one of the largest oil exporters in Africa once again

Jul 21, 2015

Energy | Africa | Sudan

Sudan gold

Fast growing TAHE boost Sudan’s gold exports

TAHE International Mining

TAHE International Mining Inc. is a great example of one of the increasing number of foreign mining companies investing in Sudan, Africa’s third... Jul 20, 2015

Mining | Africa | Sudan

Sudan mining growth

A golden new era for Sudanese mining

Sudan mining sector is its top foreign exchange earner

With the loss of oil revenue, Sudan has prioritized the mining sector as its top foreign exchange earner, with lucrative gold investment and exports... Jul 17, 2015

Mining | Africa | Sudan


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