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The pharmaceutical and technology sectors growth

Strong growth expected for leading industries

Textiles is the mainstay of Pakistan’s economy

Despite a challenging environment in the traditional industry sector, the pharmaceutical and technology sectors are emerging as strong growth drivers... Apr 11, 2016

Infrastructure | Asia-Pacific | Pakistan

Bangladesh’s pharmaceutical companies

Pharmaceutical sector enjoys double-digit growth since 2009

Today Bangladesh’s pharmaceutical companies export to more than 52 countries worldwide, including Europe and Australia

With the rising cost of healthcare in the West creating an incentive to source cheaper quality drugs, Bangladesh is poised to become a major player... Feb 19, 2016

Health | Asia-Pacific | Bangladesh

Rising Pharma

Pharma sales make up more than half of the GCC market and are growing

Fahad bin Ibrahim Al Khalaf, CEO of Spimaco

Healthcare services, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals are increasingly in demand as population growth and lifestyle changes put pressure on supplies

Jul 02, 2015

Industry & Trade | Middle East | Saudi Arabia

Generics: local production for local consumption

Itsuro Yoshida
President of Towa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Some 65 years after its establishment, Towa Pharmaceutical has grown into a key player in... Nov 11, 2016

Pharmaceutical leader showcases Uruguay’s potential from zero

Gianclaudio Broggi
CEO of Mega Pharma

Innovative and affordable pharmaceuticals, many of which are now market leaders in some... Oct 06, 2016

Pharma sector prescribes partnerships

Dr Masayuki Mitsuka
CEO, President & RD of Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation

Japan’s rapidly ageing population has significant implications for its pharmaceutical... Sep 22, 2016

Fujifilm sharpens its focus on pharmaceuticals

Shigetaka Komori
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation

Fujifilm is bringing its expertise, innovation and quality focus into the regenerative medicine,... Apr 28, 2016

Logistics, finance, labor and technology: the Saudi formula for diversification

Dr Mohammed Al Badr
CEO of Saudi Chemical Company

From explosives to pharmaceuticals to fertilizers and consumer goods, the intriguing mix... Nov 11, 2015

Astellas Pharma’s new internationalization strategy is paying off

Masafumi Nogimori
Chairman of Astellas Pharma, Inc

Merged from two well-established Japanese pharmaceutical companies in 2005, Astellas Pharma... Nov 04, 2015

Pharmaceutical market forecasted to reach $4.7 billion by 2016

Mr. Fahad bin Ibrahim Al Khalaf
CEO of Spimaco

As the number one company in the pharmaceutical market, Spimaco has benefitted greatly from... May 25, 2015


Kuwait Finance House

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Ultimate Developers Limited

Vision/Mission UDL’s mission is to deliver...

Qatar Petroleum (QP)

Our mission is to ensure the State gets maximum benefit...

Turkish Airlines

History 1933-1945: Establishment 1933: The...



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