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Energy Reform

Historic energy reform to fuel growth and investment

Platforms in the Ku-Maloob-Zaap oil field, in the Sonda de Campeche zone, is Mexico’s most active, making up 40% of total production (Source: Pemex)

In an international conjuncture where prices of raw materials are near record lows, Mexico faces the future with more optimism and better prospects... May 03, 2016

Energy | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Oil & Gas

Global powers are realigning on the back of oil – and India is driving that realignment

Having favorable foreign policy initiatives with Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Russia, India is planning a Herculean push to capitalize on low oil prices

Ahead of 2040, as India’s population continues growing and its economy expands to more than five-times its current size, the nation is to lead... Apr 27, 2016

Energy | Asia-Pacific | India

Lower oil prices

Lower oil prices lead to greater cooperation on energy

The G20 nations have enjoyed the benefits arising from oil price volatility, but it’s clear that international partnerships remain a vital aspect... Apr 20, 2016

Energy | Asia-Pacific | Europe | Middle East | Turkey | Israel | Pakistan

LNG in Qatar

LNG leads the way as oil prices slump

While the fall in oil prices have hit oil dependent countries hard, Qatar’s economy has come out relatively unscathed thanks to its (not so secret)... Apr 12, 2016

Energy | Middle East | Qatar

Renewable energy sources

20% of energy from renewables by 2020

Egypt confronts a power crisis with historic reforms, major investments and a solid commitment to renewable energy sources

Apr 11, 2016

Energy | Africa | Egypt


Power to the people: Lighting the way to progress

Since the mid-1990s, external finance to Africa’s power sector has averaged only around $600 million per year of public assistance, plus a similar volume of private finance

Energy plays a major role in transforming the economy. In recent years many African countries have faced energy crises, yet are increasingly able to... Apr 09, 2016

Energy | Africa | Equatorial Guinea | Senegal

Nigeria Oil & Gas

Nigeria Oil & Gas: The four billion-barrel question

President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari. Photo: Chatham House, London

With the aim of doubling daily oil production to four billion barrels by 2020, can the long-anticipated Petroleum Industry Bill finally be passed to... Apr 04, 2016

Energy | Africa | Nigeria

The privatization of Pakistan’s power sector

Privatization and U.S. support put Pakistan on track towards 50,000 MW goal

Pakistan’s power sector has hampered growth for many years. The combination of new government initiatives, a revitalized private energy sector... Apr 02, 2016

Energy | Asia-Pacific | Pakistan

The landmark TAPI pipeline and Iran-Pakistan pipeline

Huge gas supply boosts in the pipeline

Pakistan's oil and gas infrastructure is in need of substantial development

The landmark TAPI pipeline and Iran-Pakistan pipeline, which, after a long delay, now looks set to go ahead thanks to the removal of sanctions on Iran,... Mar 27, 2016

Energy | Asia-Pacific | Pakistan

Power generation from LNG set to double by 2017 to 3,600 MW

As the cleanest hydrocarbon with a key role to play in the reduction of CO2 emissions, liquefied...


USAID & EIA help to unlock Pakistan’s unconventional potential

With estimated recoverable resources of 14 billion barrels of shale oil and around 95 TCF of risk recoverable free gas, Pakistan is working closely... Mar 21, 2016

Energy | Asia-Pacific | Pakistan

Pakistan´s growth of the oil and gas industry

Capital-intensive industry seeks foreign partners

Downstream sector gears up for technology and capacity upgradation as global oil prices allow room for achieving self sufficiency

Mar 16, 2016

Energy | Asia-Pacific | Pakistan

LNG in Pakistan

Power generation from LNG set to double by 2017 to 3,600 MW

As the cleanest hydrocarbon with a key role to play in the reduction of CO2 emissions, liquefied natural gas (LNG) is becoming increasingly popular... Mar 11, 2016

Energy | Asia-Pacific | Pakistan

Huge gas supply boosts in the pipeline

The landmark TAPI pipeline and Iran-Pakistan pipeline, which, after a long delay, now looks...

New push to ‘make things happen’ in renewables

Doris Capurro
President & CEO of Luft Energía

With all the apertures of the Argentine economy, the sector with the greatest growth potential... Dec 21, 2016

Indonesia’s energy program is going green

Rida Mulyana
Director General for New and Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation

Discussing Indonesia’s key priorities within the renewable energy sector, Rida Mulyana,... Dec 06, 2016

Innovative solutions for scarce resources

Khalid Abunayyan
CEO of Abunayyan Holding

As a 65-year-old diversified family company that has grown in tandem with the Saudi Arabia,... Dec 05, 2016

Enabling environment fuels gas expansion

Igor Salazar Zanelli
General Manager of Peru LNG

Peru LNG is a clear example of how large-scale investments can be carried out in the country,... Nov 25, 2016

Renewables vital to the global shift to a smart energy mix

Masato Taguchi
President of Sinanen Co. Ltd.

Originally a charcoal manufacturer then later an oil & gas wholesaler, electricity reseller... Nov 15, 2016

‘We have no doubt that we are a good partner for investors’

Marta Jara
President of ANCAP

Uruguay's state-owned petroleum company ANCAP has carried out a major efficiency-oriented... Nov 14, 2016

Advanced insulator developer stays ahead of the curve

Taku Oshima
President of NGK Insulators, Ltd

As the world economy develops, there will be more need for electricity and hence more opportunities... Oct 25, 2016

‘Coherence & efficiency’ define new energy approach

Bruno Kapandji Kalala
Project Director for the ADPI

Efforts in the DRC are redoubling to make the country’s long-delayed vision of building... Sep 20, 2016

World-class power electronics technologies

Masahiko Yamawaki
President & CEO of TMEIC

A global leader in energy-efficient power electronics technology and a pioneer in large... Sep 14, 2016

Cosmo targets right energy balance

Keizo Morikawa
President, Representative Director & CEO of Cosmo Energy Holdings Co. Ltd.

Keizo Morikawa, the head of Japan’s Cosmo Energy Holdings Co. Ltd., explains how the... Sep 12, 2016

From darkness to brightness

Filip Vanhoutte
General Manager of Special Techniques Company (STS)

Filip Vanhoutte, General Manager of Special Techniques Company (STS), invites greater competition... Aug 31, 2016

Regional integration powers development

Jean Bosco Mugiraneza
CEO of Rwanda Energy Group

Rich in energy sources but poor in energy supply, African nations are looking at maximizing... Aug 26, 2016

New downstream law “helps the investor more than the speculator”

Serge Kajeguhakwa
Chairman/CEO of E.R.P.

Rwanda’s new downstream law and energy regulator, RURA, look set to enhance efficiency... Aug 09, 2016

Ambitious targets charge energy sector with investment potential

Dr Ivan Twagirashema
Executive Director of Rwanda Investment Group (RIG)

A greater energy mix, better infrastructure and advanced skills development are among the... Aug 03, 2016

Smart grids, renewable sources & continental interconnectivity vital for balanced power

Matteo Del Fante
CEO of Terna

One of Europe’s leading electricity transmission grid operators, Terna is crucial... Jul 21, 2016

“By 2020, our natural gas production capacity will have increased fivefold”

Juan Rogelio Rodríguez Velázquez
CEO of CMM Group

In operation for only a quarter of a century, CMM has become an important player in the... Jul 14, 2016

BP to triple net production in Egypt

Hesham Mekawi
BP's Regional President for North Africa

As Egypt emerges from its period of economic instability, investors at home and abroad seek... Jul 06, 2016

New energy R&D has global impact

Kazuo Furukawa
Chairman of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

One of the largest institutions in the world for R&D into energy and environmental problems,... Jun 13, 2016

Multi-utility hits EU targets 5-15 years early

Stefano Venier
CEO of Hera Group

Italy’s Hera Group leading position in environmental, water and energy services has... Jun 08, 2016

Energy efficient Italy at the forefront of sustainability and renewables

Francesco Sperandini
Chairman & CEO of Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (GSE)

With 1% of its GDP dedicated to the development of renewable energy sources, Italy has achieved... Jun 05, 2016

Unique fuel distributor expands its reach

Sheikh Saoud Bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani
Chairman of Woqod (Qatar Fuel)

Despite low oil prices, profits rose 11% at Woqod (Qatar Fuel) and its solid performance... May 15, 2016


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