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The future of ICT

A world of opportunities & risks

While the potential of ICT for transforming the world is virtually as limitless as the Internet itself, the emerging digital economy and the Internet of Everything do not come without their perils.

Over the past three decades, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has changed the way we work, shop, read, travel and how we spend our money.... Apr 18, 2016

Telecoms & ICT | South America | Middle East | Qatar | Colombia

The gastronomic & cultural tourism in Peru

Ancient traditions and a growing gastronomy scene provide unique cultural experience

Peru offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in a truly unique culture – one that balances ancient indigenous traditions with today’s... Apr 09, 2016

Tourism & Culture | South America | Peru

Economy & Finance

Guyana embarks on economic turnaround and diversification

Guyana’s foreign direct investment increased by 19% in 2015, and its $230bn 2016 Budget is targeting a wider spread of economic prosperity across the country

While the rest of the continent is expected to show sluggish growth in the coming years, the Guyanese economy is set to build on its 3% growth in 2015... Apr 07, 2016

Finance | Government | South America | Guyana

Puno is a legend

Legends on the shores of Lake Titicaca

A sacred place for the Incas with both natural and artificial islands, Puno is a legend, where the multicolour festivals meet the quechua and Aymara... Apr 04, 2016

Tourism & Culture | South America | Peru

Discover Peru’s ashlar (white stone)

Arequipa: noble and volcanic

Discover Peru’s ashlar (white stone) city with snow-capped mountains, volcanoes and deep canyons where the condor spreads its wings

Mar 30, 2016

Tourism & Culture | South America | Peru

Cusco’s history

Cusco, sacred valley & Machu Picchu; birthplace of the world

Seductive, striking and natural, Cusco’s history lives in its streets, squares, valleys and towns. Next to the Inca jewel, Machu Picchu was built... Mar 25, 2016

Tourism & Culture | South America | Peru

Tourism of Amazon rainforest

Amazon rainforest, wild nature

Discover the mysteries of the cloud forest with the world’s greatest biodiversity and countless possibilities for ecotourism

Mar 20, 2016

Tourism & Culture | South America | Peru

Our goal is to become the best educated country in Latin America by 2025

Government lays foundations for an educated and connected society

President Santos’ administration looks to build a fully fuctional digital ecosystem while improving access to and quality of education from primary... Mar 20, 2016

Telecoms & ICT | Education | South America | Colombia

Enigmatic ancient figures

Paracas, Ica & the mysterious Nasca Lines

Vast desert etched with enigmatic ancient figures characterize the region where Pisco came alive

Mar 16, 2016

Tourism & Culture | South America | Peru

Barranquilla, destination for investors

Barranquilla drives diversification efforts through industrial zone and port investments

The city of Barranquilla’s strategic location, talented labor pool, industrial parks and world-class port make it a top destination for investors

Mar 15, 2016

Infrastructure | South America | Colombia

Peru's Mining sector

Virtuous Circles: Mining and community involvement

Mining companies are today making the change from extractive approaches to inclusive, participatory approaches, working together with the government... Mar 10, 2016

Mining | South America | Peru

“Driver for development”: Mining’s contribution to socioeconomic growth

Peru has become one of the most successful economic performers in the developing world....

Mining as an environmental change agent

Companies are now more careful in their operations towards environmental regulations

A great deal of geological potential: exploration of Peru’s mineral resources

High rates of production, historically high prices for producers, and favorable legal and...

Colombia’s Fourth Generation

Colombia thinks big with $70 billion infrastructure program

The Fourth Generation (4G) road infrastructure program will see the construction of 8,000 kilometers of roadway and 3,500 kilometers of four-lane highways

The $70 billion plan to 2035 will improve regional and international connectivity, foster regional development and promote foreign trade by reducing... Mar 09, 2016

Infrastructure | South America | Colombia

FuXion Biotech: Ancient Andean and Amazonian heritage combined with the latest scientific advances in cell biology and human nutrition

Álvaro Zúñiga Benavides
Founding President and CEO of FuXion Biotech SAC

In 2006, after having worked for more than 15 years in the food processing and manufacturing... Feb 28, 2016

An attractive time for energy in Peru

Igor Salazar and David Lemor
General Manager and Communications & Corporate Affairs Manager of Peru LNG

United World sits down with Igor Salazar and David Lemor, General Manager and Communications... Oct 02, 2015

Valorcon: A leading company in the civil construction sector

Mr. Julio Gerlein Echeverría
President of Valorcon

Business & Investment sat down with Julio Gerlein Echeverría, President of Valorcon,... Oct 01, 2015

"We still believe in Peru’s real estate sector and we do know that it still has a great potential to develop."

Jesús Blanco

United World sat down with Jesús Blanco, CEO of INGROUP, to analyze Peru’s... Oct 01, 2015

Financing a diverse Peruvian Agriculture

Enrique Benjamín Díaz Ortega
President of the Board of Agrobanco

United World sat down with Enrique Benjamín Díaz Ortega, President of the... Sep 28, 2015

Potential 1.9m new customers

Agrobanco is the only development bank in Peru and serves the vast number of unbanked farming... Oct 27, 2015

Peru should address this industry with a comprehensive reform, starting by giving the national public policy of hydrocarbons the necessary priority inside the country’s energy policy

Beatriz Merino
President of Sociedad Peruana de Hidrocarburos (SPH)

Beatriz Merino, President of Sociedad Peruana de Hidrocarburos (SPH) sits down with United... Sep 28, 2015

Attracting investment to Peru’s growing economy

Carlos Herrera Perret
Executive Director of PROINVERSIÓN

Carlos Herrera Perret, Executive Director of PROINVERSIÓN, sits down with United... Sep 25, 2015

Fourth best restaurant in the world: luxury Peruvian food at the heart of it all

Virgilio Martínez Véliz
Chef and Owner of Central

Virgilio Martínez Véliz, Chef and Owner of Central, sits down with United... Sep 25, 2015

Building a better Peruvian Healthcare System

Rogerio Marcondes Barros
General Manager of Salog S.A.

Rogerio Marcondes Barros, General Manager of Salog S.A. sits down with United World to talk... Sep 25, 2015

Colombia’s Central Bank: A major player

José Darío Uribe Escobar
Governor Banco de la República (Central Bank) Colombia

Business & Investment met with José Darío Uribe Escobar, Governor of the... Sep 18, 2015

Solid financial fundamentals help transform economy and entice foreign investors

Strong institutions, precise macroeconomic policy and a solid financial system are seeing... Mar 02, 2016

“This is a country where the US private sector has a demonstrated record of great success”

Brian A. Nichols
US Ambassador to Peru

Brian A. Nichols, US Ambassador to Peru, discusses how economic and commercial ties have... Aug 31, 2015

Agreement sees U.S.-Peru trade double since 2009

The U.S.-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement, implemented in 2009, has seen two-way trade nearly... Oct 23, 2015

$3.1bn infrastructure boost helps Barranquilla’s port hit historical highs

René F. Puche
President of the Port of Barranquilla (Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Barranquilla S.A.)

Colombia’s massive infrastructure under way includes 8,000km of new roads under construction,... Aug 27, 2015

‘Uncommonly advantageous conditions’ draw foreign investments and commitments

Germán Vargas Lleras
Vice-President of Colombia

Vice-President of Colombia Germán Vargas Lleras highlights the country’s regional... Aug 25, 2015

Higher quality infrastructure to add 1.5% to GDP

Luis Fernando Andrade Moreno
President of the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI)

Incentives such as the new Public-Private Partnerships Law, which means the state can only... Aug 25, 2015

Colombia thinks big with $70 billion infrastructure program

The $70 billion plan to 2035 will improve regional and international connectivity, foster... Mar 09, 2016

Progress with Sustainability built in

Gabriel Vallejo López
Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development

Gabriel Vallejo López, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, discusses... Aug 18, 2015

“Colombia is the best positioned Latin American economy”

Natalia Abello Vives
Minister of Transport

Colombia’s Minister of Transport Natalia Abello Vives discusses the country’s... Aug 18, 2015

Colombia thinks big with $70 billion infrastructure program

The $70 billion plan to 2035 will improve regional and international connectivity, foster... Mar 09, 2016

‘More human banking’ produces solid and sustainable results

Carlos Raúl Yepes Jiménez
President of Bancolombia

Over the past six years, Bancolombia has doubled its assets, from $35 billion in 2009 to... Aug 12, 2015

Solid financial fundamentals help transform economy and entice foreign investors

Strong institutions, precise macroeconomic policy and a solid financial system are seeing... Mar 02, 2016

Medellin sparks creativity into action

Juan Camilo Quintero Medina
Executive Director of Ruta N

Recognized as one of the most innovative cities in the world, Medellin has created a dynamic... Aug 12, 2015

Expansion and a fresh look for Cruz Verde

Germán Ramírez
President and Managing Director at Farmacias Cruz Verde

President and Managing Director Germán Ramírez explains the competitive advantages... Aug 11, 2015

Politics making peace a reality

Rosmery Martínez Rosales

Tolima Senator Rosmery Martínez Rosales discusses some of the milestones and achievements... Aug 06, 2015

New technology to turn Colombia into a regional airspace reference point

Gustavo Alberto Lenis Steffens
General Director of Colombia’s Civil Aviation Authority, Aerocivil

Major investment in cutting-edge technology is strengthening the surveillance capabilities... Aug 05, 2015


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