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Islamic Finance

Bahrain’s Islamic finance sector sets the tone for the rest of the world

Bahrain’s World Trade Center and Financial Harbor (Photo: ©Mubarak Fahad)

With decades of experience and regarded as the benchmark for its regulation, Bahrain stands out as a global leader in Islamic finance and has helped... Dec 13, 2016

Finance | Middle East | Bahrain

Bahrain Banking & Fintech

Regional leader backed by 40 years of banking tradition

Bahrain’s banks regard the fintech trend as a way to modernize, internationalize and democratize financial services in the region

As the foremost financial services center in the Gulf, Bahrain has proved to be resilient in the face of liquidity challenges posed by low oil prices... Dec 12, 2016

Finance | Middle East | Bahrain

Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP)

CDP catalyzes Italy’s long-term growth through investment and addressing market failures

Claudio Costamagna, Chairman of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP)

Italy’s Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP), the national promotional bank with a €400 billion budget, is on a mission to jump-start the Italian... Jun 07, 2016

Finance | Government | Europe | Italy

Turkey’s Economy

Turkey’s Economy Survives and Thrives, Even in the Face of a Perfect Storm

Aerial view of Ankara at night.

Despite strife in neighbouring countries, domestic political turmoil, and an uncertain global recovery, Turkey’s economy remains resolute.

May 02, 2016

Finance | Europe | Turkey

Banking and Capital Markets

Key players in the economic recovery

One positive result of the crisis was the emergence of the G20 as the world’s preeminent forum for economic and financial cooperation.

One result of the global crisis that began in 2008 has been the emergence of the G20 as the leading forum for economic and financial cooperation. However,... Apr 29, 2016

Finance | Europe | Turkey

Economy & Finance

Qatar’s resilient economy makes it a Gulf standout

Business is booming in downtown Doha: Qatar ranks as the number one country in the MENA region in the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) 2015-2016 Global Competitiveness Report, and as the 14th most competitive economy in the world

The resilience and high regulatory standards of the Qatari economy are seeing it recognized as the best-positioned country in the Gulf to ride out the... Apr 13, 2016

Finance | Middle East | Qatar

Economy and finance

Against the odds, a global leader in Islamic economy and finance

The Kuala Lumpur skyline at dusk

A Muslim-majority country with a population of just over 30 million, which has successfully integrated its Hindu and Chinese minorities, Malaysia may... Apr 12, 2016

Finance | Government | Asia-Pacific | Malaysia

Growth beyond the 20

Three I’s to guide Turkey: Inclusiveness, Implementation and Investment

Turkey has declared that 2015 will be the year of “inclusive and robust growth through collective action.” To achieve its aims, Turkey has... Apr 08, 2016

Finance | Europe | Turkey

Economy & Finance

Guyana embarks on economic turnaround and diversification

Guyana’s foreign direct investment increased by 19% in 2015, and its $230bn 2016 Budget is targeting a wider spread of economic prosperity across the country

While the rest of the continent is expected to show sluggish growth in the coming years, the Guyanese economy is set to build on its 3% growth in 2015... Apr 07, 2016

Finance | Government | South America | Guyana

The Islamic economies

Growth of the Islamic economies helped propel the global recovery

Nighttime view of Kuala Lumpur with the Petronas Towers, a modern Islamic design, at the center.

An ancient Sudanese proverb says that one should share food like brothers, but settle accounts as merchants. The proverb cautions people to deal with... Apr 06, 2016

Finance | Asia-Pacific | Malaysia

Africa’s Economic Outlook

Africa’s Economic Outlook: Sound Governance and Continued Growth

“Fiscal policy needs to strike an appropriate balance between debt sustainability considerations, on the one hand, and addressing development needs on the other”

A slowdown in China and falling commodity prices highlight the need for increased competitiveness across the continent, a challenge governments are... Apr 03, 2016

Finance | Government | Africa | Mozambique | Egypt

Cyprus' Financial services

Financial services will be ‘one of the pillars of growth of the Cyprus economy’

Kikis Treppides, Managing Partner and Chairman, K. Treppides & Co Ltd

Professional and financial services sector supports vision of international business hub

Mar 31, 2016

Finance | Europe | Cyprus

Where’s best to invest in Sierra Leone?

Momodu L. Kargbo
Minister of Finance & Economic Development

Eager to attract foreign investors and ensure their projects are a success, Sierra Leone... Dec 19, 2016

CSR underpins a pillar of Qatari development

Dr Raghavan Seetharaman
CEO of Doha Bank

Qatar needs to speak up and share its achievements with the rest of the world, states Dr... Dec 19, 2016

'It’s simply easier and more cost effective to do business here'

Dr Waheed Al Qassim
CEO of the Bahrain Association of Banks

At a time when most of the world’s financial services sectors have been shrinking,... Dec 15, 2016

Leasing experts maximize local know-how

Yasunori Tsujita
President & CEO of Fuyo General Lease Co., Ltd.

Particularly specializing in aircraft, ICT and real estate leasing, President & CEO... Dec 15, 2016

Insurance gets a boost in Sierra Leone

Ronald K. Hingston
Acting Managing Director of the National Insurance Company Ltd. (NIC)

New laws being introduced in Sierra Leone and awareness-raising efforts by companies are... Dec 14, 2016

Diverse, ethical banking draws global interest

Yousif Abdulla Taqi
Director & Group CEO of Al Salam Bank-Bahrain

Widely recognized as a global leader in Islamic finance, the assets in Bahrain’s Islamic... Dec 12, 2016

Digital & rural reach expands banking access

Konde Bugingo
Deputy CEO of Banque Populaire du Rwanda (BPR)

Providing far-reaching access to tailor-made banking products both digitally and in even... Nov 30, 2016

Open trade regime and reforms target economic diversification

Alfredo Thorne
Minister of Economy and Finance

Peru’s Economy & Finance Minister Alfredo Thorne discusses the nation’s... Nov 24, 2016

Progress reshaping Equatorial Guinea

Martin Crisantos Ebe Mba
Chairman of BANGE

Senator and Chairman of the National Bank of Equatorial Guinea Martin Crisantos Ebe Mba... Nov 15, 2016

I&M eases cross-border banking in East Africa

Robin C. Bairstow
Managing Director of I&M Bank (Rwanda) Ltd

I&M Bank’s footprint in the East African region currently covers Kenya, Tanzania,... Nov 07, 2016

The catalyst to enhance regional exports

Alex Kanyankole
CEO of the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD)

The Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) aims to make a tangible contribution to Rwanda’s... Oct 28, 2016

Flexibility & innovation in Rwandan banking

Edigold Monday
Managing Director of Crane Bank Rwanda

Crane Bank is Uganda’s largest locally owned commercial bank and part of the Ruparelia... Sep 09, 2016

Banking in Rwanda

Maurice K. Toroitich
Managing Director of KCB Bank Rwanda Ltd.

Rwanda is one of the most written about success stories in Africa, which is even more impressive... Aug 30, 2016

A strong East African business strategy pays benefits

Olabayo Veracruz
Managing Director of GTBank Rwanda

We met with MD Olabayo Veracruz to learn more about GTBank’s strategy to become the... Aug 29, 2016

Panin welcomes experts to become trailblazer in Indonesian Islamic banking

Mr Herwidayatmo
President Director of Panin Bank Group

Panin Bank is Indonesia’s eighth largest bank in terms of assets, and has been publicly... Aug 23, 2016

‘Endless investment opportunity: that is what we offer’

Dr Bambang Permadi Soemantri Brodjonegoro
Minister of National Development Planning

Dr Bambang Permadi Soemantri Brodjonegoro, Indonesia’s former Finance Minister and... Aug 22, 2016

Tech & teamwork bolster East African bourses

Pierre Célestin Rwabukumba
CEO of the Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE)

Rwanda’s stock market is part of an East African integrated hub that is intrinsically... Aug 18, 2016

Islamic finance to shape Qatar’s economic future

Adel Mustafawi
Group CEO of Masraf Al Rayan

Involved in all sectors of the economy, leading financial services provider Masraf Al Rayan... Aug 05, 2016

South Korea: one of the best markets in the world for M&As right now

Dr Byoung Jo Chun
CEO of KB Investment & Securities

As KB Investment & Securities begins the process of merging with Hyundai Securities... Aug 03, 2016

Reference for banking consolidation bucks trends, targets further growth

Giuseppe Castagna

BPM’s pioneering consolidation and moves such as its innovative merger with Webank,... Aug 02, 2016

Rwanda: growth through resilience, commitment and innovation

Dr Diane Ngendo Karusisi
CEO of Bank of Kigali

Rwanda’s current investment climate comes under the scrutiny of Bank of Kigali’s... Aug 01, 2016


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