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Networking Entrepreneurs

DMM.Africa sponsors Startup Weekend Tokyo on Africa

Seattle-based Startup Weekend meets DMM.Africa to promote innovation and build new business connections between Africa and Japan

Three months after the African Business Idea Cup (ABIC) 2016 was held in five countries in Africa, DMM.Africa is sponsoring Startup Weekend Tokyo on... Oct 05, 2016

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Japanese Politics

PM Abe wins Upper House election & majority

PM Shinzo Abe, center, with the other world leaders at the G7 Ise-Shima Summit held in in May 2016, which reaffirmed Japan’s rising standing on the world stage (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is in undisputed control of Japanese politics and gives him a once-in-a-lifetime chance for constitutional change and a revitalized... Aug 05, 2016

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Global shift in Japan

Changing domestic landscape spurs Japan Inc.’s global shift

Firms that have rejuvenated their business models for a more globalized world are set to greatly increase overseas profits

Mar 25, 2016

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Tokyo’s real estate can be considered a bargain

Tokyo real estate considered safe investment

Compared to other major cities across the globe, such as New York or London, whose property values have risen dramatically since the recession, Tokyo’s... Mar 19, 2016

Real Estate | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Mie Prefecture - Chosen to host the G7 summit

Tradition and innovation behind the economic revolution of Mie Prefecture, host of the 2016 G7 Summit

Eikei Suzuki, Governor of Mie Prefecture

Mie Prefecture – an area of Japan that symbolizes the country’s ancient culture and traditions – has been chosen to host the G7 Summit,... Mar 14, 2016

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International expansion of Japan Inc.

2015 record year for mergers and acquisitions

Even with the yen at its weakest point since 2007, Japan Inc. is aggressive with its international expansion with over $70 billion in overseas acquisitions... Mar 09, 2016

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

A new era in trade and commerce in Japan

Japan Inc. firmly behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Minister Akira Amari

With the landmark Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) all but final, Japan’s multinational corporations are revving up for a new era in trade and... Mar 04, 2016

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Historic tourism boom

Japan in the midst of a historic tourism boom

Owing to a weak yen and an ease on visa restrictions, Japan is currently breaking visitor arrivals records
every month – a trend that looks... Feb 28, 2016

Tourism & Culture | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Japan´s industry and trade

In capitalist Japan, profits are not the only motivation

With an almost pedantic obsession with quality and efficiency to strict environmental standards and an uncompromising commitment to giving back to society,... Feb 22, 2016

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Japanese Finance

Interest rate cut aims to boost spending and new businesses

Tokyo-based Mizuho Financial Group is the leading banking institution promoting new business in agriculture and also connects Japanese SMEs overseas business opportunities

Proponents of Abenomics back moves by the central bank to increase spending and investment, and give businesses – particularly SMEs – a... Feb 18, 2016

Finance | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Japan hosts the 42nd G7 Summit

A new Japan: globally oriented

Nobuyoshi Fujisawa, Pesident and CEO, J Trust Group

As Japan hosts the 42nd G7 Summit on 26-27 May, the country will be eager to show the international community how – following the impetus of Prime... Feb 16, 2016

Finance | Asia-Pacific | Japan

AGC Asahi Glass

Profits on the rise as innovative products offer added value and protection to society

AGC Asahi Glass has become the first company in the world to offer automobile interior spaces enclosed in all directions (front, side and rear) by automotive glass bearing the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation

A multifaceted Japanese supplier of innovative glass, chemical, ceramic and electronic products puts people and the planet first and gains an international... Jan 22, 2016

Industry & Trade | Science & Technology | Asia-Pacific | Japan

The best eco-friendly transmission system on the market

Teruaki Nakatsuka
President & CEO of JATCO

JATCO accounted for 41% of global continuous variable transmission (CVT) production last... Dec 20, 2016

Space agency raises international competitiveness of commercial partners

Dr Naoki Okumura
President of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

The commercialization of JAXA’s in-house developed technologies from its R&D holds... Dec 16, 2016

Automation promises big opportunities for quality software

Fujio Tahara
President of Computer Engineering & Consulting

Fast, precise, and high quality manufacturing and production, for which Japan is renowned,... Dec 16, 2016

Leasing experts maximize local know-how

Yasunori Tsujita
President & CEO of Fuyo General Lease Co., Ltd.

Particularly specializing in aircraft, ICT and real estate leasing, President & CEO... Dec 15, 2016

Shinkansen: the backbone of the Japanese economy

Koei Tsuge
President of Central Japan Railway Company

An outstanding safety, reliability and performance record has made Japan’s high-speed... Dec 13, 2016

Innovative rail group keeps growth on track

Masaki Ogata
Vice Chairman of the East Japan Railway Company

Focused on innovation, energy efficiency, ICT, speed and above all safety in Japan’s... Dec 13, 2016

Agora rebrands Japanese hospitality

Aya Aso
President & CEO of Agora Hospitalities

Offering a diverse collection of hotels spanning traditional ryokan to full-featured resorts,... Dec 09, 2016

FM experts expand SE Asian network

Ryusei Kajiyama
President of Biken Techno Corporation

There are two sides to a business: the people that create things from scratch, and the people... Dec 09, 2016

United robotics R&D to put Japan ahead

Takafumi Morita
President & CEO of Yutaka Electronics Industry Co., Ltd.

If Japan wants to enhance its innovative capacity robotics, it should coordinate the effort,... Dec 02, 2016

Adaptability, formula to chemicals success

Katsunori Kawabata
President & CEO of Earth Chemical Co., Ltd.

Producer of a wide range of household products and insecticides, Earth Chemical has proven... Nov 28, 2016

Ad agency takes profound market analysis & unique youth insight global

Shinichi Ueno
President and CEO of ADK Group

One of the few Japanese advertising agencies to compete on US soil, ADK Group aims to go... Nov 18, 2016

Renewables vital to the global shift to a smart energy mix

Masato Taguchi
President of Sinanen Co. Ltd.

Originally a charcoal manufacturer then later an oil & gas wholesaler, electricity reseller... Nov 15, 2016

“Much like the American Dream, this is the era of the Japanese Dream”

Yasuyuki Nambu
Group CEO of the Pasona Group

From its beginnings as a temporary staffing company, the Pasona Group is now an industry... Nov 11, 2016

Generics: local production for local consumption

Itsuro Yoshida
President of Towa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Some 65 years after its establishment, Towa Pharmaceutical has grown into a key player in... Nov 11, 2016

First-mover content creator has VR in its sights

Naruatsu Baba
President & CEO of Colopl, Inc.

Launched in 2008, Colopl, Inc. is now one of Japan’s largest mobile game developers... Nov 09, 2016

On a mission to promote open innovation

Toshiyuki Shiga
Chairman & CEO of the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan

Founded in July 2009 to promote innovation, encourage entrepreneurialism and inspire R&D... Nov 08, 2016

Shueisha brings Japanese media content to the US, Europe, Asia & South Africa

Marue Horiuchi
President of Shueisha

Manga and anime content provider Shueisha is one of Japan’s leading publishing houses.... Nov 02, 2016

Advanced insulator developer stays ahead of the curve

Taku Oshima
President of NGK Insulators, Ltd

As the world economy develops, there will be more need for electricity and hence more opportunities... Oct 25, 2016

Value-added foods feed into social wellbeing

Yasushi Yoshida
President of Bourbon Corporation

Involved mainly in the manufacture and sale of food items, particularly its popular confectionary... Oct 17, 2016

Kamigumi’s smart terminals heading Stateside

Masami Kubo
Chairman & Representative Director, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Kamigumi Co., Ltd.

Integrated logistics service provider Kamigumi’s investment in smart terminals paid... Oct 14, 2016

Hi-tech global solutions for cleaner air

Hiroshi Imamura
President of Kanken Techno Co., Ltd.

Dedicated to creating a clean air environment for everyone in the future, Kanken Techno... Oct 11, 2016


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