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Energy Reform

Historic energy reform to fuel growth and investment

Platforms in the Ku-Maloob-Zaap oil field, in the Sonda de Campeche zone, is Mexico’s most active, making up 40% of total production (Source: Pemex)

In an international conjuncture where prices of raw materials are near record lows, Mexico faces the future with more optimism and better prospects... May 03, 2016

Energy | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Mexico for business and tourism

Sustainable tourism, key for growth

The success of industrial and real estate developments throughout the country shows all that Mexico has to offer to businesses and tourists

Jun 08, 2015

Tourism & Culture | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Panama's growth

Harness Panama’s role as a global services hub

With the landmark expansion of the iconic Panama Canal under way, leaders of the diverse and vibrant economy have their say on the country’s remarkable... Jun 04, 2015

Finance | Services | North America & Caribbean | Panama

Tourism in the Americas

OAS promotes its pole-to-pole cooperation in tourism

The Organization of American States (OAS), whose member states are currently convening at the VII Summit of the Americas in Panama City, deems tourism... Jun 02, 2015

Tourism & Culture | North America & Caribbean | South America

Costa Rica's valued exports

The happiest nation on earth is also a high value one

While Costa Ricans enjoy high levels of well-being, foreign investors can enjoy high returns in a country that is leveraging its potential as a... May 29, 2015

Industry & Trade | North America & Caribbean | Costa Rica

Investment in Antigua and Barbuda

The islands of opportunity boast big-ticket investments

Elected as Antigua and Barbuda’s youngest ever Prime Minister in June 2014, Gaston Browne has wasted no time in implementing his bold promise... May 27, 2015

Industry & Trade | Government | North America & Caribbean | Antigua and Barbuda

Manufacturing compensation cost

Infographic: Mexico ideal for manufacturing

Compensation cost in manufacturing per employee is particularly low in Latin America, with Mexico on top. Here is a comparison with other locations.

May 07, 2015

Industry & Trade | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Property investment in Panama

Leaders in Panama’s real estate

Panama City's financial district

Established in 1999, CBRE has grown to become the leading real estate firm in Panama and “one-stop shop” for investors in property, offering... May 06, 2015

Real Estate | North America & Caribbean | Panama

Infographic: Mexico shines in number of free trade agreements

The number of free trade agreements Mexico has signed indicates its willingness to facilitate commerce, a key to its continued development.

Mar 06, 2015

Industry & Trade | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Caribbean islands provide unique opportunity for renewables

Subject to some of the highest energy costs in the world, the Caribbean aims to develop a thriving renewable energy sector to end its dependence on... Jan 12, 2015

Energy | North America & Caribbean

MEXICO: Reforms impact the nation

The newly unified government agenda has removed barriers to Mexico’s socioeconomic progress and created increased freedom of investment in a variety... Jan 08, 2015

Government | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

UNCTAD predicts a ‘powerful boost’ of FDI in Mexico

“We’re now entering a new era in Mexico that will foster innovation and creativity, and that will bring competition from abroad” Ulises Muñoz, Vice-President of Grupo Empresarial PAE

Exceptional openness has transformed Mexico into one the world’s best places to do business and it now ranks among the 10 most attractive foreign... Jan 07, 2015

Industry & Trade | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Legal expert looks at the impact of Mexico’s reforms

Yves Hayaux-du-Tilly
Partner at Nader Hayaux & Goebel

A partner at one of the most prestigious law firms in Mexico, Yves Hayaux-du-Tilly takes... Mar 09, 2016

Renewing the inland from the coastline

Darwin Telemaque
Port Authority CEO

Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne announced in December 2014 that... Jan 23, 2015

Sky’s the limit for Antigua as new airport nears completion

Stanley E. Smith
Airport Authority CEO

State-of-the-art $97 million terminal promises to make Antigua and Barbuda a regional trade... Jan 16, 2015

New port terminal at Limon to open up Costa Rica

Paul Gallie
Managing Director of APM Terminals

An ambitious project of more than $1 billion is being undertaken by APM Terminals to expand... Jan 15, 2015

Catering for luxury mega yachts in Antigua

Bobby Reis
General Manager of Falmouth Harbour Marina

Falmouth Harbour Marina was built by local shareholders who wanted to provide an economic... Jan 13, 2015

The increasing growth of Panamanian enterprise

Rogelio E. Alemán
President of Constructora Urbana S.A.

The United World team held a meeting with Mr Rogelio Alemán, in order to discuss... Jan 05, 2015

Isolation, preservation and development on the paradise isle of Barbuda

Arthur Manoah Nibbs
Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs

Antigua and Barbuda’s Minister of Agriculture, Lands, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs... Dec 16, 2014

‘Grandfather’ of Antigua’s financial services leads the way in innovation

Brian Stuart-Young
CEO of Global Bank of Commerce

This is a United World interview for USA Today for a report on Antigua and Barbuda. Brian... Dec 12, 2014

Being small does not prevent us from being important

Hon. Charles Fernandez
Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Antigua and Barbuda’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Trade shares... Dec 09, 2014

“Doing the impossible is fun. We are up for the challenge”

Fernando Calvillo Alvarez
President of Fermaca

Faced with multinationals now moving into Mexico as the energy sector reforms become a reality,... Dec 09, 2014

Costa Rica: A paradise of opportunities for foreign investments

Mr. Jorge Mora Gutiérrez
Technical Secretary of National Concessions Council of Costa Rica

The Technical Secretary of the National Concessions Council of Costa Rica explains that... Dec 01, 2014

“We are the third State with the most tools to create businesses”

Mariano González Zarur
Governor of the State of Tlaxcala

Mariano González Zarur, Governor of the State of Tlaxcala, speaks about progress... Jul 17, 2014

Panama: Beneficial for American business

Mr. David Carius
President of Panamcham

President of Panamcham, Mr. David Carius, sits down with United World to discuss how trade... Nov 25, 2014

Panama is not a tax haven

Mr. Eduardo Morgan
COB of the Board of Directors of Morgan and Morgan Group

Mr. Eduardo Morgan of Morgan and Morgan Group spoke to United World to clear up misconceptions... Nov 25, 2014

Going back to growth: The recovery of an efficient public work

Carlos Segnini Villalobos
Minister of Public Works and Transport

The United World team met with Carlos Segnini to discuss the moment the Ministry of Public... Nov 03, 2014

Costa Rica aware of developing its infrastructure

Rafael Zamora Fernandez
President of the Pedregal Corporation

Costa Rica faces the challenge of improving its infrastructure with the goal of significantly... Oct 28, 2014

Panama and sustainable development

Mr. Ramón Arosemena
Minister of Public Works of the Republic of Panama

The United World team held a meeting with M.r Ramón Arosemena, in order to discuss... Oct 22, 2014


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